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    I really like this. It's really cool how they added in the papers of the old mystery inc and planespheric disk.


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    I'm glad you found this and pointed it out Jesse.

    I like the looks of it. Scoob looks a tad bit weird but I like the intention and it's good art.

    If you look closely at the discs there are a few cool/interesting things about them.
    It looks like the disc art will completely cover the discs, which is nice.
    And the other, which is expected but still strange, even though it's just a name now, WB continues to put Hanna-Barbera on scooby discs. I like that they still acknowledge the greats.


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    hey do you guys know when and/or if there will be a new scooby doo mystery incorporated season? PLEASE answer!


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    They say there will be a 2nd season but they haven't said when.
    SpiderScooby will post any news when ever he hears anything, I assure you.


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    I hope so 2 cuz I wanna see a Christmas Special of "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated". It'd be totally awesome. 🙂


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    I want a Christmas special as well, though I would have preferred a Halloween special. 🙁


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    Does anyone know if Season 1 part 1 will be released?


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    I'm pretty sure that Part 1 has been released in volumes and they don't intend to release part one as set...


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    I hope you like it.



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    Awesome! I'm a Greek guy and I had this for ny birthday! (Greek title: Scooby Doo! Ιστορίες Μυστηρίου: Η Κατάρα της Κρυστάλλινης Σπηλιάς)


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