Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! “Mystery 101” Review


Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Is probably the most controversial incarnation of Scooby since Get A Clue. From the animation to the designs of the characters, this show had a lot of things going against it. I tried to keep an open as much as possible despite the animation choices.. While I can’t say I loved the first episode of Be Cool, it was a very good start to a series that shows lots of potential.


Let’s start with the most controversial aspect of this show: the animation. I admit, I wasn’t really a fan of it upon first viewing. I think it comes down to the design of the gang.  Something about them just irks me the wrong way. It’s weird too. The rest of the animation is just fine. I like the color palette, I like the design of the villain. It’s the designs of the human characters that bug me.


Thankfully, the writing totally makes up for the animation. Be Cool is meant to be a lighter approach to Scooby after the darker Mystery Incorporated. I usually don’t like when they put all the focus on comedy. I prefer a good balance of comedy and mystery/horror. I think it works here though. There were many great moments throughout the episode. Shaggy and Scooby getting stuck in the vending machine with the ghost, Velma’s “I hurt books” line, even Daphne’s hand puppets. I was worried that gag would go beyond the first episode. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case.


There are a few changes to our beloved gang. The biggest one is Kate Micucci as Velma. I didn’t end up liking her as much as I thought I would, but she’s perfectly fine in the role. Interestingly enough, Some of Fred’s personality has been toned down a bit and put onto Daphne. Daphne seems more ditzy in this version. Hey, as long as Fred’s not obsessed with traps, that’s a good thing in my book.


Overall a decent start to a new series. While the animation leaves a lot to be desired, the writing and humor makes up for it. If you are on the fence about this show, I say give it a chance.



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    I don't like this new series. Look what they did to a classic villain from the original series.


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        They portrayed the Ghost of Elias Kingston completely differently from how cartoon lovers like myself knew him.


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          They portray Captain Cutler completely different in the second episode too. It seems this show is more or a revisionist version of SDWAY.

          Which I think both portrayals are fine. If they're set on essentially remaking the original series at least they bothered to do something new with them rather than rehashing the exact same mystery.

          I'm actually pleasantly surprised they're using some classic monsters. I feel like they're recognizing the history of SD while at the same time trying to do something new. That's probably not for everyone, but few things are.


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    It airs here next Friday. I'm actually gonna get to watch it!

    PS: I'm from Costa Rica 😁


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    Good review! I liked this one but not the second one. The solution on the second one was too obvious, I guessed the culprit and the motive a few minutes in.


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    After watching the first two episodes I have to say I really love this take on SD. It's different, but in a surprising and good way. I'm glad the musical chase scenes are back, though it's too bad they didn't spring for better music. Gotta say the theme song sucks though, but really there hasn't been a good one since WNSD.

    I think the most interesting part of this series is the fact that it's more of a remake/reboot rather than a continuation of any previous incarnation. So far it's featured the ghosts of Elias Kingston and Captain Cutler, but the mystery either has a different culprit or goes in a different direction than the original series. And based on the opening credits we'll probably see a few more classic villains (like Space Kook) show up. I really didn't get this show when it was first announced but now it makes more sense. It's just a modern update of SDWAY. I guess I'm okay with that.


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    I think Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #12 merits a review. It was so popular that I had to get it on Amazon. They sold out at the comic book store.


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    I watched the first episode yesterday, and the second one right now.
    Although I didn't loved it, I really enjoyed. I prefer the classic character designs, but this one is fine for an approach more focused on the comedy aspect.


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    i watched be cool Scooby Doo and it was great you should watch it . its on boomerang and i heard it might go to nickelodeon maybe


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