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    These are fantastic! Are they recent?


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    Yes, they were apparently launched about a week ago.

    I Hope we get many more!


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    These are awesome, You can tell their recent as its Matthew Lillard doing Shaggy. I wonder if this is a hint that the new series (if their is one) will be going right back to the classic animation style..


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    Going back to the classic style would be nice. As much as I liked SDMI and the current DTV's I don't think their style really captures the original look of SDWAY.


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    Did you guys take notice how Mystery Inc. (and all the other characters were drawn in Mecha Mutt Menace? Well they were hideously drawn. Velma inparticular was downright fugly (her tapped glasses also didn't help). The animation was rather nice for the State Farm commecials although I don't know if it could stand out in an animated feature. Maybe a TV series.

    These two also looked a bit more unique than the first one.


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    Ha! Scooby has a picture of him and Scrappy on his desk, LOL!


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    Yeeeeah, I don't know how I feel about Scooby selling car insurance.


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    What if Car Insurance was sold by Voice Actors playing Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy


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