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    Video is private...


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    Thanks. They basically showed the ending.


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    Trailer seems to have been pulled.


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    Having now seen the trailer all I can really say is that it looks about as ridiculous as I expected it would be. But to be fair almost all crossovers end up being ridiculous, so in my book this isn't any more far-fetched than the gang solving mysteries with the Harlem Globetrotters.

    I will say though that even at their worst the recent DTV movies have been decent, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and watch this one too. Worst comes to worst I waste an hour and half of my time.


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    WWE claimed copyright on the video. If it's just the official trailer then who cares?


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    What I meant was, who cares about copyright if it's just the official trailer?


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    Is WWE going takedown crazy or something? They even removed it from their offical channel...

    You can still view it here.


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    Maybe it's too early?

    What I hope is is that this doesn't overshadow a second DTV and we just end up having a rerelease of The Mystery Map which is a general one and that's great, but I still hope for the usual two animated DTVs a year that they've been doing. Whether this one will be good or not, Scooby still lives on and I would like to see another and not to have the wrestling one as the only new DTV for next year.


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    I don't think it will effect any more DTVs. We'll also be getting Scooby-Doo! Goal, possibly in May.


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    I don't think it's early.
    This time last year, I was watching Mask of the Blue Falcon which was on demand and came out two months later. Also, back in Christmas 2011, I was watching Music of the Vampire, which came out after three months.
    If the movie is to be released on March 25, when do they expect to show us the trailer? On March 24?


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    It seems very What's New Scooby-Doo-ish to me. Like, more toward the corny end of the spectrum than the spooky end.

    It doesn't seem Fred, Velma, and Daphne will have much of a role in this. I just hope they don't do a Fred/AJ Lee thing, because you know where that will lead.

    Would have preferred some better wrestlers and more wrestlers, but I'll give the movie a chance.


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    @scoob16 Okay, good point (and no I don't except the trailer to be released the before). But this isn't a regular DTV. Usually the trailer would already have been revealed on the last one which it wasn't. Why? Because this isn't any ordinary DTV. WWE have had a hand in it, and yes they have been advertising it at one of their events, but why are they removing it from their own channel? Maybe because they want it to be closer to WrestleMania. They have their grubby little mits on it and probably have half as much right to do with it as Warner does. I think at least next month would be reasonable. should understand that although they have their name on it, a DTV is still just a DTV. Do they understand how marketing works?

    Obviously they would want to build up anticipation as well. But if this was an oridinary DTV the trailer would've been released already and by now probably would've been released online. When this has been and gone, they'll be onto The Flintstones.

    In any case if most of the post-WNSD DTVs and specials have anything to go by (what with need for nostalgic animation and nostalgic clothing that doesn't make any sense (but fortunately for them they get away with), even their characterizations have been altered a bit (at least for me), especially Shaggy (for obvious reasons) which nobody seems to mind, but is still different... clearly they write Shaggy differently for different actors) then this is going to be as mediocre as the rest of them.

    WrestleMania Mystery is maybe the seventh one in the post-WNSD era? The WNSD DTVs lasted seven. I think it's time they changed the animation (including correcting their eyes (doing it wrong on purpose isn't all it's cracked up to be) and updated Fred and Daphne's wardrobe again. The live-action TV movies did it right.

    One last thing, I hope the gang doesn't say they've never been to a wrestling tournament. This is a little different, but wrestling is still wrestling.


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    I wouldn't exactly describe their eyes as wrong on purpose. It was the art style they chose at the time. Many cartoon characters have had these style eyes. And personally I like this style better than the white eyes they did later on (The eye shape doesn't look right to me). But to each their own I suppose.

    I do agree that the live-action TV movies are definitely the direction the cartoons should go in. Honestly I kind of think they should change the animation style completely. Trying something different for awhile would be interesting.


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    I agree that it's a choice, even back when HB was doing it themselves because not all their shows did it, but it doesn't look realistic to me (and neither does virtually all characters having black pupils). But like you said, to each their own.


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    I may have an answer as to why WWE blocked the video.

    First off, the Unification Match at TLC was a total disaster, which John Cena was a part of. So this may hurt the Scooby movie, and the movie may hurt the WWE.

    Second, he lost the title in that match. The trailer for the Scooby movie shows him without the belt. So maybe WWE blocked the trailer because it showed Cena without the belt before the Unification Match in which he lost the belt.

    In any case, there is widespread dissatisfaction in the WWE fan base over this lackluster match, and new calls to make the WWE more adult oriented rather than kid-friendly. I don't see this movie going over well in the WWE fan base.


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    ^ Another spam alert.


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