SD:MI “Pawn of Shadows” Airs Tonight

Episode 25: Pawn of Shadows: Once again, the gang investigates further the mystery of the curse of Crystal Cove, this time with the help of Professor H.P. Hatecraft. But when a high-tech creature called the Obliteratrix attacks the gang, it’s up to them to find out why and how is this related to the curse of Crystal Cove.



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    Finally! A "new" episode I haven't seen!!!! Too bad I work tonight...YAY DVR


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    It's Hatecraft, did you remember that in "The Shrieking Madness"? My point exactly!


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    ok then


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    Umm what's the Typo? I can't see it. I'm seriously dying to see Season 2


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    @ jesse, I thought the same thing, Lol SpiderScooby fixed it already I guess.

    Lot's of action and esplosions, me want more now!


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    SpiderScooby put Lovecraft instead of Hatecraft & I corrected that, thank you very much folx


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    Have we got any news for Season 2 from Comic Con?


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    It will be tonight, if at all.

    For some reason I don't expect anything huge for us scooby fans.


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    idk about u guys, but i'm watchn it on G4 cuzz they're broadcastn it LIVE from the Comic Con Convention


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    @Sheyla, figures, apparently G4 isn't carried on DirecTV(which we have at home).

    Sirius XM Radio(which I have as well) has a Comic Con Radio channel, but I don't know if they're carrying the panel or not.


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    oh, ok cuzz i live n New York and i have cablevision


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