SD:MI “Nightfright” Airs Tonight

Another episode of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Imcorporated airs tonight. Before I get to the episode description though, I would like to mention one thing. I’ve noticed the comments and the chat have blown up recently. So I’ve also added a message board to the site. This will serve as a forum for all my blogs, and to not just discuss Scooby, but to have some general chit chat as well. So have fun.

Episode 19: Nightfright: Vincent Van Ghoul himself brings Shaggy and Scooby to his mansion for dinner, only to find out that some of the monsters from Van Ghoul’s movies have come to life. Yet, there is one that never appeared in any of the movies, a demon called Nightfright who seems to want Van Ghoul’s head for no apparent reason



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    YES! Everybody please come join us! It's going to be fun. 😀


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    The episode is absolutely amazing. It's like an homage to Vincent Van Ghoul, and thus, to Vincent Price too.


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    @JohnnyArrombador01, exactly!
    I've heard that price's(or van ghoul's, as I've come to call him)family gave there blessing for van ghoul to be used. So if that's true, and they don't mind I don't see why anybody else would.


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    I'm looking forward to it too. By the way, hopefully you or SpiderScooby can fix the chatroom ScoobyDoom. It's acting weird right now.


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    And somehow Believeit's in the chatroom saying that SDMI has been cancelled, when that's not true at all.


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    I already alerted him to it earlier.
    I wasn't trying to be rude to you I just couldn't respond.


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    Scooby Doom's having some problems too. Are you refering to where it asks you for your email adress?


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    Well for me it only asked once way back when you launched it.
    And I've been trying to post all day and it tells me I have to be registered to post in this chatroom.


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    @ScoobyDoom: Not a problem and I understand.

    @SpiderScooby: It might be that; I can log out and log back in, but when I try and post something, it won't let me because I have to put my e-mail address and username when I should be able to just post something.


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    Well, I'm taking it offline for now so I can look into it{and because I lost my password so I can ban Believe It}.


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    @SpiderScooby: OK


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    @SpiderScooby, yea!

    @Mysteryincfan1, if you want to talk a bit we can go to the forum a start a thread for tonight.


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    @ScoobyDoom: I like the chat better, but I guess we can do the forum thing.


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    @ScoobyDoom: Actually, if you want to still have a chat, we can go over to the Velma Chat.


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    Or the Velma Chat is good. We can go invade theirs for now if they don't mind.


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    I'll head over in a sec.


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