SD:MI “Menace of the Manticore” Airs Tonight

Episode 21: Menace of the Manticore: When Mayor Jones buys online an ancient Persian temple, in order to boost business in Crystal Cove’s amusement Park, “Creepy Spooky Terror Land”, he never thought that that temple would come with a Manticore, a vicious mythological animal, who is been eating the park’s visitors. Having no other option, he asks Fred and the gang to help him capture the beast, and while they do it, he does some snooping around, regarding the mysterious puzzle piece that the gang found in Darrow Mansion.



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    Does anyone have a link for me for Legend of the Phantosaur other than Youtube?, the film isn't made available for me 🙁


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    go to this website:

    There, you click on "YouTube" and search for "Scooby Doo Legend of the Phantosaur". Go to the direct link of the movie (the one with a picture of Velma and the nerdy guy), and them you'll see it! (:

    Go ahead, it's not a virus.

    PS: At the top of the page, JUST click on the "Encode URL" and "Allow cookies". DON'T click on "Encode page", "remove scripts" or "remove objects", 'cause if you do that, then the movie's not gonna play.


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    OK episode tonight. Hoping to have my reviews for this and last week's episode up by the end of the week. Been pretty much out of it with a cold this past week.


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    Yeah, it was pretty good.
    I loved hearing linda as hot dog water.
    But it was pretty obvious half way through.


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