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    It didn't let me down. Scooby Doo series and films always give me a sensation of wanting more. From the beginning when I watched Scooby Doo the movie, it made me want to watch the WAY series and from there I watched WNSD. The creators of Scooby Doo have never let me down, with SaSDGAC as the only exception. Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated had me by the collar from the very beginning. Living in Australia meant I didn't have the access I desired so I would hunt the Internet just to find links to watch it. And every time I watched an episode it satisfied me (well most of the time.) I love how they took the audience from thinking Mr. E was the worst it could get, to unveiling a supernatural curse that was manipulating everyone! In the end, I just loved how they realised their friendship was real and it just gave me chills to see it end. I've also really enjoyed the discussions here with you guys, you're all probably older than me (Im 17 years old) but its cool how a cartoon dog has connected us, even though we're ages away from each other.
    PS. I loved how in the finale, they threw the stick to each other, it reminded me of in Monsters Unleashed when they threw the control panel to each other. Loved it!


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    i didnt like the first 13 episodes but after that it got much better!


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    I really enjoyed it, as a show on it's own rather than just another Scooby incarnation. Really as it's been said before this plot line could be attached to any number of characters and work just the same. But I'm glad it was used for Scooby Doo. It sort of revives that horror movie feel that the creators had originally intended for the show, and it gives us all the cameos and homages we could ever ask for.

    And it had a good ending, it's just open ended and optimistic about the future, and that's a good place to leave the audience. It also does an homage to SDWAY which implies that the gang is off solving mysteries just like they always have. It gives a finality to the mystery of the show, but not to what comes next for the gang.

    I do have a few problems with the finale though. The gateways were impractical and a bit hard to understand. Reasoning for why the Crystal Cove was buried is sketchy and relies on speculation rather than a clear answer. And the most tiring part is the bit where they have to throw the spear to each other (Only because we've seen that bit used so many times before).

    Ultimately as a show it worked wonderfully. It gave us a mystery that was genuinely hard to put together. It stimulated discussion in a way few Scooby shows have done in the past. It did something different, and while it may not have appealed to all Scooby fans it can at least be appreciated that forty something years later people are still trying to make it relevant and interesting for the audience.


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    I wasn't really a fan. Understand: these are my own PERSONAL opinions on the show, and I do not and will not insult anyone who liked the show.

    I had really high expectations for the show, which might have affected my perception. I heard they were going to do a Scooby series with a story arc over the whole show, and that there were going to be new developments with the characters that would make them interesting, giving the Scooby fans exactly what they always wanted in a series. They promised to make Velma into a type of ComiCon fangirl, which sounded REALLY awesome.

    But from the beginning, I was let down. Velma was made into this petty, selfish, unreasonable character (NOTHING like a ComiCon fangirl), and the overall characterization of the rest of the gang just seemed horrible. The villain motivations were WEAK, the mysteries were sloppy. And while at first, the story arc with Mr. E was done fairly well, it was soon cluttered and confused by all of these nonsensical little details that just seemed hastily or poorly tied together by the end of it all.

    But I do have to hand it to the creators, they DID try to do something new with the series (but the story arc thing was first done in 13 Ghosts). The overall idea of the story arc throughout, and the mysteries tied in as new clues to the big mystery IS a pretty neat idea. Plus, a monster almost Lovecraftian behind it all is pretty neat. The monster designs varied sometimes, from really neat and new and wicked cool, to ugly and dull and boring and just sorta WTF?.

    In the end, I was NOT a fan of the show AT ALL, because of the characterization and the poor everyday mysteries, as well as some issues with ripping old villain designs from other mediums, i.e. films and other cartoons. Plus, it just got too overcomplicated in the story arc for me, personally. Plus, it just got too serious in some points for a Scooby production (serious CAN be good, but here, it was overwhelming).

    I wonder what they'll do with the show next, though. Will they go back to comedy, or stick with the serious route? And will they try to do a story arc over the entire show again?


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    The ending felt rushed and lazy. Nibiru's design was very disappointing. It was just black spaghetti noodles that glowed green. I was expecting a dark humanoid figure with symbols and body marks that were complex and intricate. The ending didn't really explain why things happened the way they did, and it wasn't clear if SDWAY is supposed to be after this or not existing at all. The ending undid everything we watched over the past 2 or 3 years, and made it all feel like a waste of time.


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    @ monster man: Actually the first thirteen episodes were the best of the entire series. I thought they really brought out the best in what Scooby-Doo had to offer only in a different incarnation. If all they had done was those first thirteen episodes it would have been good enough for me - I enjoyed it that much. I wish they would've continued what they had. Maybe they did, but those hiatuses really did a number on the show and I think more advertisment and merchandise wouldn't have hurt. Having a lazily and not very well remolded Mystery Inc. figures from a previous set and two Lego-like toys just doesn't cut it (but the same could be said about everything else that they just can't be bothered to sell). My worst episodes are "Where Walks Aphrodite", "A Haunting In Crystal Cove", "Night Terrors" and "Dance of the Undead"; maybe if the last two had been done a little differently (because I thought "Dance of the Undead" was quite good until it went a little over the top). I also thought the first very episodes of season 2 weren't as good as they could've been. In fact I thought they were quite terrible as a whole, but I did like certain things. And that's what helps is if you kind find something in it that you can like. There could have been a lot of better episodes in the second half of season 1, but like I said that's probably because of that disastrous hiatus(es) they did. I also thought "Mystery Solvers Club State Finals" could've been better and not a dream considering the revelation near the end of season 2 and "Aliens Among Us" didn't turn out to be all that great.


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    ^ Only the first part was to you monster man, the rest just kind of followed.


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    I know this is RANDOM BUT!
    Who remembers these games??


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    @ jesse
    i wasnt born yet im only 9


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    I loved it, it was brilliant!! It annoyed me to no end that cartoon network kept giving the show long breaks which is why i think its not getting a 3rd season. Do the idiots who run the network have any idea how to do so?..

    Overall i really enjoyed the new dark feel to the series especially the story arc and the teenage emotions running through out the story it was nice to see these character as proper teens for a change and not just gimmicky mystery solvers. The story arc was what really sold the series for me it was nice to have something to keep the momentum going and give me a reason to keep coming back


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    While CN is responsible for the ratings I don't think they're exactly responsible for no third season. I mean the show couldn't do another season because the story is over. This was a show that from the beginning was planned to only have a finite amount of episodes.

    Like in the past they'll go on to do another show. And at this point we can just be grateful that we got as many episodes of SDMI as we did. This series actually has the most episodes of any of the SD incarnations.


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    Unused DVD covers from Scott Neely.
    This is kinda good, but what could be in the suitcase? The disc? The gang themeselves put in there, why be surprised? Cool, thoygh.

    Also nice from an unspecified episode, as well as the above, but what's with HDW on the back?

    For "The House of the Nightmare Witch", but I really think Daphne should have been replaced with Hot Dog Water, as she took her place in that mystery. And what's Shaggy holding? It may be a Faberge Egg. Looks too round.

    "The Night the Clown Cried", really cool! But (sorry for all those buts), Crybaby Clown should be seen, and, if it were for ep. 27, Daphne shouldn't be there, Fred should have a beard and Shaggy with a military school outfit and haircut. As for this being for ep. 29, the usual HDW-Daphne replace and Shaggy's hiarcut as well. Possibly that was for the latter, as the zombie donut shop trap is being burnt in the back.

    Both for "Grim Judgment", one focusing on Shaggy, one on Scooby. But (again!) the background should be Lovers' Lane and not a cemetery.


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    Meant to say former under link 4.


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    Also in link 4, I forgot to say that Velma is holding a disc piece, which is practically impossible, as at that time, Pericles had the two pieces.


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    Shaggy is holding a Spirit Bomb like in DragonBall Z.


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    I'll be honest, I loved this show. It was different from the previous series and that is good, considering that Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get a Clue was probably the lamest Scooby series ever.

    Anyway, I liked the series in general, especially the episodes or chapters with the Hex Girls and Vincent Van Ghoul. Then, they created awesome supporting characters which I totally fell in love with, mainly Mr. E, Cassidy, Marcy "Hot Dog Water" Fleach, Sheriff Bronson Stone, Mayor Nettles among many others. Plus, they gave us one heck of a main villain, Professor Pericles.

    I have top say that even if the ending looked a little bit rushed, I sitll loved it and it was worth waiting to see it. I give it a 9 out of 10, and hope that the next series is as good as this one.


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    The end was a little confusing, but a 10/10 none the less!


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    I. Loved. It.!!!!!!!!!!!! No other words necessary!!!!!!!!!


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    I liked that this was the first series that actually continued into the next episode instead of starting a whole new mystery every episode. It was intense to see what happened next after each episode


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    I loved it but the ending made me a bit made. Because it was almost waking up from a dream like none of the things that happened never happened. It didn't matter.


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    I like the whole series mystery incorporated.Can you make another ep. that scooby turns into a god. Can you make another series when they are on the rode solving mysteries.


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    the last episode was shocking because i did not see that coming when there are no more mysteries anymore but in the end the new mr E helps them to find new mysteries to solve

    and that was the end of the show. so i think i kind of like it i dont really know but it was cool yep it was cool.


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