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    We want a Season 2 as well!!!


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    Did they do this because it was asked for and they listened or they just decided to do it? I would imagine the former would be involved. Or sales are going well with the DTVs and the specials that they were generous enough to do this as well.


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    I'll be waiting on this. While I'm happy they're giving us entire seasons instead of volumes I'm unhappy that they are featureless and remarkably bare bones. I'll wait a while and see if a better release is coming, if it does end up coming to Blu-ray I don't want to have to buy it again anyway. Plus I'm in no great rush to have it right now.

    Oddly enough a large part of my problem with this DVD is the cover art. It really doesn't impress me at all and comes off as overly generic. I'm hoping they do an entire series release and give us some special packaging.


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    The cover art is okay. Even though this doesn't have any special features, I'm just glad they didn't slap the four previous releases into one package and call it a day,


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