Scooby Doo! Mystery Inc Returns Tonight! + Live Chat

Don’t forget, Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated will finally be returning tonight at its new time at 7:30PM. Also, you may have noticed a new link on the sidebar. I have added a chat room to the site, and I’ll be hosting a live chat tonight to discuss the episode. So come join if you wish!

Mystery Solvers Club State Finals: Sick in bed right before the big Mystery Solvers Club State Finals, Scooby dreams about going to the competition and teaming up with fellow mystery-solver sidekicks Speed Buggy, Jabberjaw, Captain Caveman and The Funky Phantom to rescue their friends from the clutches of the demonic Lord Infernicus.



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    For those interested in the new action figures based on SDMI here's a few pictures I took:
    (The pictures aren't great quality, but they at least give you an idea on the improvements)
    Overall I think this sets better than the previous. The biggest improvement is that they don't fall over when in the standing position (Those previous ones would fall over if a cloud passed).


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    @Strangely, dude you need to cut yourself some slack!
    There isn't a thing wrong with those pictures.
    Thanks for sharing with us.


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    Also, I see why daphne's face was so huge.
    They blew up her picture to make her fit in with shag and fred.


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    Yeah Daphne has the biggest improvements out of all of them, her face isn't completely right but its a step in the right direction for sure. I'm just glad they ditched the clown feet finally. What surprises me most is how balanced these new ones are, the old ones needed to be propped up most the time, but these stand with no real trouble. I'm happy that they've gotten their act together and are improving their merchandise.

    Interestingly all they're hands are sculpted as if to hold something so that makes me think we'll see more toys of this style in the future.


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    Yeah, I have that old set and I saved the back board thing cause scooby is the only one of my set that can stand on his own feet.

    I sure hope that they do some play sets or accessories or something.
    I really like that velma can move more freely.

    How cool would it be to get some deluxe articulated figures?


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    Back in the early 2000's, there were some pretty good sized figures released. I would like to see something along the lines of that.


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    That's awesome, I don't think it's worth that much but.

    What were the movie figures like?


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    I don't think there were movie figures like the ones above. But I think they used the cartoon look for the toys and the packaging was the movie cast.

    I know Blockbuster had some exclusive Scooby toys amd stuff around that time, but I don't remember what exactly.


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    They had a butt load of scooby figures the last time I was at six flags.
    They had a small little hut with all kinds of movie merch.
    I don't remember the gang figures though.

    On the commentary track the cast mentions that their action figures look like the toons.


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    hay any news abour scooby doo legend of the phantosaur


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    Yeah the 2000 line released a lot of the villains, they were pretty detailed but unfortunately most had as few as 2 points of articulation.


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    Hey Scooby freak gang! Im Emily, and right now, a scooby marthon is on, to tell you the truth im nine and i enjoy the old ones way better, as well as pink panther, the old ones:) Im a old cartoon freak, when my mom told me more about the Jestons and the Flinstones, i got on the boom. Bomerang is a channel my family does not get, it only comes on once in a great while to show people about it so they buy it. So i get my good chances, if you like 1800s stuff as well, which i also like, then go on your halmark channel if you have one and watch Little House On the Praire. When i was not nine...:).... I used to think Hannah Montana was cool, i never even saw a episode! Mom would tell me just watch it, i was to focused on heated up natchos and our second T.V my mind was blown when my mom laughed as cream soda ran all over Charles Ingalls head! Im pretty sure i recall that! Laughing and boucing i hopped back on my mom and dads bed, now i love the show! Seriously! People are to hiked up about all the new shows, they dont take time to know how good the old ones are and were! Hey, try watching Hong Kong Phooey the dog on the Boom! Then you will pass out about all the youtube videos and bags of popcorn your mom and dad used to show you! You should go online and look for Atom ant, Huckleberry Finn, Scooby Dooby Doo, pink panther, the finnstones, the jetsons, yogi bear, tom and jerry, and so many more! May scooby doo and old cartoons live on! Who is with me?



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    Ps, you guys should really try HUCKLEBERRY FINN!


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    Scooby doo legend of the Philospher of what ever is on now! The one where theres a spa, Fred goes crazy over girl in magizine, scooby has cafeine and goes wild, the dhinosaur bone dig! Iww! Being a girl is luckly, boys think of gross stuff! Prehistoric bones makes me shake, supper time, gonna go eat while watching scooby dooby doo!Scooby Dooby doo! Ruff!


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