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    There could be, but it needs to have story, structure, and to be tasteful, combined with good acting. These key ingredients will make any movie good at a PG-13 rating. The first movie had to be cut down I believe so it didn't have a PG-13 rating. If the theatrical films had this then maybe there would have been more. They were good, but they could've been better.

    The TV films could have been theatrical, but I still think there was something missing from those. Maybe because it was written for TV. One thing is for sure, you don't have to be a Scooby fan to see that those TV films were the best live-action productions that CN have produced. The goofy montage at the end of the second didn't help, but a part from that they were nicely done. A shame they haven't (or won't) do a third.


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    Really I can't imagine a reason to make a PG-13 Scooby movie. Really even at it's darkest (SDMI) it still didn't need that rating. SDMI sort of proved that you can be dark, even a bit violent and still not really warrant a higher rating.

    Plus there's never going to be a time when I need swearing, sex and gore in anything Scooby Doo related, it would almost feel wrong in their established world to suddenly go that direction. So I guess I wouldn't want a PG-13 Scooby Doo, because even in the PG rating it can still push the limits and create some truly captivating stories.


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    PG-13, PG-16, R: I'll take any of these. All I would recommend is that it only have light swearing that is well placed, or else no swearing at all. Also no sex or making out. Other than that, I think anything else could go.

    I just want some mature storylines with genuinely scary elements. I want a plot that is deep and a mystery that is challenging. The gang should act like adults.


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    @The 13th Ghost Why should the gang act like adults? They're just teens. Also I wouldn't mind a few sex or make out scenes provided they're done right. Also it should still have plenty of humor. Don't forget, Scooby-Doo is just as much of a comedy as it is a mystery.


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    ^ Then it just risks becomeing some insipid teen sex comedy. No one wants that.


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    * Becoming (Just because I had to correct that.)


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    I'll agree with Anythingspossible. We said we'd like teen series, but not that adult.


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    Actually, the gang has been adults before in previous shows and such so they could easily go that route. Now, as for the question... eh, it depends on what they'd go with. But sex scenes? No thanks.


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    @Aaron Because they are older teens. Almost in adulthood in SDWAY. By then they were all acting mature. Unlike MI.

    I wouldn't want make-outs or sex in the series at all because they don't belong in it.

    I agree that it should have humor, but the humor must be well-written for adults to enjoy. That doesn't mean crude or obscene, but rather high quality.


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