New “Scooby Apocalypse” Details From Wondercon


A ton of new Scooby Apocalypse details and images were revealed at Wondercon this weekend. Here re the main points we can expect from the book(if you don’t want to be spoiled, best stop reading here).


-Scooby Apocalypse will be more adult and was heavily influenced by Afterlife with Archie. Dan DiDio likened it to “Scooby-Doo Meets The Walking Dead”.

-Fred and Daphne are washed-up YouTube stars who have their own reality show where they debunk ghosts. They head to Burning Man when they hear reports about werewolves running amok.

-Velma is a part of a think tank of young geniuses who develop a nanite-virus which is supposed to turn people good. it has the opposite effect, however, bringing out the worst in people while transforming them into monsters. The gang must put aside their differences and band together to try and save mankind.

-Scooby is a lab experiment and Shaggy is his handler. Instead of speaking, Scooby has a device on collar that shows his thoughts as holograms.


And here are four out of seven variant covers which you can pre-order here.

SA_Variant1 SA_Variant2 SA_Variant3 SA_Variant4

And finally, we have the description for Scooby Apocalypse #2 which features a certain relative of Scooby’s.

The apocalypse continues as Scooby and the gang explore a mysterious facility that may hold the key to their survival. Little do they know that a particularly powerful puppy and his gang of mutated mutts are waiting in the shadows—and they’re ready to attack!


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    I was initially against this but after reading this article my interest is peaked and find myself a little excited 😀


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