New Details On Be Cool Scooby-Doo, Plus A First Look At The Gang!

New details have emerged about the upcoming series Be Cool Scooby-Doo!. The below images were posted on Twitter{thanks to Jesse} and gives us our first look at the plot and the look of the gang. Be Cool wo;ll premiere in 2015 and is described as having a “playful tone”. There will also be no relationships like in SDMI{yay!}. Scooby will have limited dialogue.  Fred has outfitted the Mystery Machine with all kinds of gadgets. The character designs are described as having a more hipster feel to them.


I’m not sure how I feel about the designs to be honest. They’re not….great{Shaggy and Velma are definitely the worst}. Everything else sounds cool though. It seems like they’re trying to go back to more classic Scooby. I like that Scooby will have limited dialogue. And mo relationships!

Stay tuned for more news. The Frankencreepy panel is tomorrow, but I don’t think we’ll hear anything about Be Cool there.



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    Yuck! Those designs are terrible.


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      I agree the design are very bad


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    Worst designs ever


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      I do agree


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    It looks like the creepy style-child of Family Guy and SDMI. Yeulch.


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    Be Cool does have something going on there the same day.


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    You're welcome! I was so excited when I saw that on Twitter that I couldn't keep it to myself!
    I will admit that the animation style comes as a shock. This series will have to work especially hard to impress me. But from reading the article that came with the image, it sounds really good.
    So I'm really excited to see this series or at least the trailer so I can see the comedy style and how the characters live and breathe!


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    Urgh, Hipster really? I hate it already!!


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    I actually like the new look. I will say it's painfully simplistic and the legs are odd looking, but otherwise it's passable. And simplicity isn't really a bad thing all the time, I mean in some cases it can make the characters more expressive and dynamic in movement. Though other times the simple design is just so the studio can save money... I guess I'll have to see some actual footage before I can make a final decision on it.

    It's interesting that the new design is to match the comedy. I guess this won't be the usual slapstick, or at least they seem to be making the point that it'll be different from normal. With as similar as this looks to the Family Guy style I'm almost wondering if we're going to see some reference humor and cutaways.

    Really I'm excited for this show, I'm not sure all these changes will pan out for them in the long run, but I'm glad they're at least trying new things rather than constantly recycling.


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    I'll be honest, it's alot better than I expected.

    Being a big fan of Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show, I don't see the comparison.

    The only one I don't like is Velma, she looks like her lips got stuck in a vacuum and it just looks weird.
    But who knows, it may look alright when animated.

    I do find it a little funny that they decided to go with the HUGE chin for Fred again.

    Calling them hipsters is *shivers* just bad!


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    Why did they change the air date


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    Aaron, where did you read an air date?


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    In march they said it will release later in 2014 now they are saying a 2015 premiere date and when will they release a trailer for this and if not will they release any more information on this series especially about fred adding new features to the mystery machine I hope he does not change the van like in shaggy and scoobydoo get a clue. I want the mystery machine to look just like the one in scoobydoo mystery incorporated .


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    It's been delayed till next year? Arrrrrrrrrh!


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    Them confirming it will air in 2015 doesn't mean it's been delayed.

    The original press release said it was for the 2014-2015 season.
    Like I said on the original post, all that means is that it will premiere sometime between September 2014 and April 2015.
    Now it might well have been delayed until the Summer or Fall of 2015, but it won't be much longer of a wait.


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    Thank you to you and Jesse, I have been trying to see a photo of the way they will look in the new series, since they made the announcement. I like some of the other commenters would like to see a trailer before I have a fully formed opinion. I do like the fact they are getting rid of the whole romance angle because I believe men and women can have a platonic relationship; plus the romance just get in the way of the fun.


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    Ante todo quiero hablar de diversos temas
    1. El aspecto de la pandilla del 1 - 10 le pongo un 4 . Fred : la barbilla no me gusta es muy grande y ....rara . Velma : no tiene ese estilo intelectual . Scooby : Yo soy mas de como lo dibujaban en el pasado . Shaggy : No me gusta nada ... parece un tonto pero en realidad tendria que tener el mismo aspecto hippy . Daphne Me gusta .

    2.No me gusta la idea de que sea comico porque creo que eso quitara la parte de la intriga y el misterio.Me gustaba mas scooby doo misterios sa porque tenia intriga misterio y el diseño me encantaba

    3. La historia me encanta sencillamente me da intriga

    4. Se que la gente esta un poco molesta porque se a retrasado lo de be cool scooby doo a mi tambian en parte me molesta pero en 2015 llegara be cool scooby doo . Yo por parte del director y los productores seguiria pensando la idea de hacer una serie comica en be cool scooby doo .... yo seguiria con scoob doo misterios sa .... PERO SOY FAN DE LA PANDILLA Y SEGUIRE VIENDO SUS SERIES


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    HATE the designs so much I wish thay would've kept the designs from SDMI since it is proceeding it.


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    I can't wait......


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    Something tells me that this new series will be an even bigger disaster than "Shaggy and Scooby-Doo! Get a Clue" was. The designs look like something that was done by a 10 year old, and well, I can watch Adventure Time with really badly drawn characters, but Scooby... no, it's like trying to cartoonize the Mona Lisa.

    Still, I already knew this would happen... after the great show that was Mystery Incorporated we now get this... it's really sad.

    Personally, if I had been them, I would have continued the story where Mystery Incorpoared stopped.


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    When does this air


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    Oh my god what the hell have they done to them? They look terrible, it's like cow and chicken had kids with Ren and stimpy and the offspring was impregnated by American Dad! Why?
    We have every episode, and every movie ever put on dvd, and now I learn mystery incorporated has been replaced by this? Hughhh..


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    Why mess with a good thing? The last episode of SDMI gave a great setup for another season. My 8 year old son is bummed out to say the least.


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    Oh this looks awful. As others have said it's especially discouraging coming right after the excellent Mystery Incorporated series.


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    The reason I liked Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated so much is because of the mix with drama, mystery solving, some fun moments (like for example the scene with Velma and Daphne by the pool talking about guys.. ), and romance. I would really prefer a season 3 of MI. Their new looks just look silly and I'm scared Scooby Doo now will turn to something like Family Guy and Simpsons. I hope MI makes a return after this cause I'm a huge fan of the show and I would almost die to get to watch another season! And meanwhile I'm hoping for it to come I guess I'll go back to the older series, since I haven't seen them yet. Why not release a new Scooby Doo video game based on MI? I loved to play Night of 100 frights but as I've seen the latest Scooby Doo games has this childish look too and I'm not really digging it.


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    Oh, come on! The Mystery Incoperated was probably the best Scooby Doo series they made since the original because it had the dark edges and scares it needed. What the heck is this?! This is the worst decision ever made for the franchise! We don't need this childish dross! Go back and make another Mystery Incorporated series!


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    This looks horrible. Original series were good. What's New Scooby Doo was great and some movies made at that time as well... but this?? These designs look horrible and NOTHING like the original characters. I hope the next series they make will be more like the original series or at least like the ones from the early 2000s.


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    NO! NO! Please, stop it! I want a design of Hanna Barbera. Only it.


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    Was I the only one that really liked shaggy and Scooby Doo get a clue?? Also any thought on maybe a spinoff of zombie island, cyber chase, or witches ghost? I thought even though they all end well they could all do sequals, series based off movies, or even live action remakes, any thoughts?


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    Scooby doo noooooooooo! This is where i draw the line nobody messes with scooby doo i hope be cool scooby doo gets cancelled and they revise their decision because i refuse to allow my kids to watch this its looks like their on crack and scooby doo what did they do to you he looks like he hasn't eaten in days or something?


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    why would you do that you had a perfectly good show and now it looks like everyones is on drugs. who in their right mind make scooby doo, a animated icon, look like a drugged hipster. they should have left it at how it was in the old tv show. They had a perfect set up for a third season i was really looking forward to.


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    Kids are going to grow up with this now.


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