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    Daphne : Oh Fred I could just kiss you right now.
    Fred : Duhhhhhhhh thank you.
    Daphne : Oh never mind you're so dumb


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    FRED: Daphne, there's something I've been wanting to ask you.
    DAPHNE: Oh, yeas Freddie!!!
    FRED: Do you have a double strength magnetic titanium net, extra large?


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    "How Fred hears Daphne when she tells him she wants to be his girlfriend"

    Daphne: Feelings! Emotions! Lovey-Dovey! Frilly things! Roses! Caring! Thoughtfulness! Pink! Girly stuff! Compassion! Together!

    Fred: ... Whuuuuu???


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    Daphne: Oh Fred, i had no idea you felt that way about me
    Fred: What did i say?
    Daphne: Oh, never mind


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