Scooby Goes Hollywood


TV Premiere Date: December 23, 1979
DVD Release Date: June 4, 2002
Runtime: 60 min

Director: Ray Patterson
Writers: Duane Poole, Dick Robbins

Don Messick: Scooby-Doo
Casey Kasem: Shaggy
Frank Welker: Fred
Heather North Kenney: Daphne
Pat Stevens: Velma
Rip Taylor: C.J.
Stan Jones: Director / First V.P. / Terrier
Mike Bell: Jesse Rotten / V.P. Jackie Carlson
Marilyn Schreffler: Cherie / Sis / Receptionist
Joan Gerber: Lavonne / Second Woman / Waitress
Ginny McSwain: Kerry / Girl Fan / Executive Secretary
Patrick Fraley: Brother / Guard / Announcer’s Voice
Mel Blanc: Man at Roller Rink (uncredited)

Paul DeKorte
Debbie Hall
Edie Lehmann
Michael Redman
Bob Tebow

Jinkies! Can it be? Has Scooby-Doo left the Mystery Inc. gang behind and gone to Hollywood to be a star? With the help of his “manager” Shaggy, Scooby sets out to impress a big-time producer by starring in a series of screen tests including “Scooby Days” and “Scooby’s Angels” to show off his acting talents. But Fred, Daphne, Velma, and children around the world want Scooby-Doo back!