The Theatrical Scooby Movie Has Been Delayed

Bad news for Scooby fans today as Warner Bros has pushed back the release date of the upcoming theatrical Scoovy-Doo movie by almost two years. Variety reports that SCOOB, now being referred to as simply “Scooby”, has been moved from it’s September 21, 2018 release date to May 15, 2020. No reason was given for the delay. But this comes at a particularly bad time as fans are already frustrated with WB’s treatment of the franchise as of late.

The movie will be directed by Mystery Incorporated‘s Tony Cwrvone with a script by script by Matt Lieberman (“Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief”), with Dan Povenmire (“Family Guy“) serving as executive producer.



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    oh no great and i was looking forward for it to dam.


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    I can't wait three years


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    to bad and i was looking forward for it. lucky its about three years away now


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