The Scooby Apocalypse Is Coming From DC Comics

A new slate of Hanna-Barbera comics is coming from DC Comics. The “crown jewel” of these new books will be Scooby Apocalypse, a modern-day take on the classic cartoon. Scooby Apocalypse will be helmet by Jim Lee, Howard Porter and Keith Giffen.


“I’m a huge Scooby Doo fan, as I think most people are,” admits Lee. “I mean, look at these iconic series and they were cultural touchstones for everyone. All my kids know of Scooby Doo from the various cartoons and live action movies, and we’re in a period where you have people my age that are spending their days thinking about cartoon and sci-fi action movies. It’s a multigenerational obsession at this point, and we just thought it would just be really interesting to take the cartoon version of these characters and see where they would be if we took what existed in the very first iteration of the cartoon and moved it into this day and age.”


DC will also be giving makeovers to The Flintstones, Wacky Races, as well as Future Quest, a shared-universe book which feature the likes of Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, The Herculoids, Birdman, and many others.

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So what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to these books or is DC taking the wrong approach? I personally cannot wait to see what they do with these characters. As much as I don’t mind the current Scooby comics, I could never really get into them because (obviously)they’re aimed at a very young audience. It will be interesting to see how they handle Scooby without the restraint of having to only appeal to that one demographic.



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    I actually don't mind the main comic that much because for me it's closer to the original series than the DTVs.

    I think it's both great and a big surprise that this is happening. And at the same time looks like all the fan art I've seen become official. But I'll wait and see how it turns out.

    I think I'd like Amanda Conner's art for The Flintstones if I hadn't seen that style for her Harley Quinn covers. Yeah, I'm not a fan. (And I actually thought Team-Up #12 wasn't that good either.)

    Future Quest looks to be like a good comic.


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      From the looks of it, the events of the Scooby-Doo cartoons are part of the backstory. However, now Mystery, Inc. is facing something real.


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          Well, I suspect that might be the case.


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            For all we know they could start their crime-solving adventures in issue 1. It's being written as an origin story. In SDMI for instance, that wasn't strictly an origin because they had already been solving crimes beforehand.


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    The synopsis indicates no origin story at all. It seems to me based on the synopsis that they have been solving mysteries for quite some time.


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    No, the synopsis doesn't say so, but elsewhere it does.

    The synopsis is just falling back on familiarity. As in, you know they're going to be meddling, have the Mystery Machine and Scooby Snacks, etc.


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    This better not be replacing either of the current scooby doo comics.


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        That's a relief.


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