Review: SD:MI Episode 15 “The Wild Brood”

Orc bikers. Video game nerds. One very average episode of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc.

The Plot: All you really need to know is, Fred invites the rest of the gang on his his and Daphne’s date. Daphne gets angry, and then falls for a gang of orc bikers who are being framed for a robbery, eventually leading to the gang having to catch the real culprit.

Yeah, so this is one of those types of episodes where the more I watch it, the more I dislike it. “The Wild Brood” isn’t a bad episode, it’s just very average, and there were too many things bringing this episode down for me to really like it. For one, I know Daphne is upset over the whole date thing, but would she and Velma really go off with some creppy biker dudes they just met? Seemed rather strange. And then there’s the fact that the gang seemed especally stupid in this episode. I find it a bit of a stretch that they don’t even know what a swordfish is.

My biggest problem with this episode was the whole motivation. The Wild Brood are really a bunch of tech nerds who are following a train to protect their new video game console. One of their own tries to steal this new game console, and it’s up to the gang to stop him. OK, I’m a gamer and a geek as much as the next guy, but to go through so much trouble just for a silly video game console seemed stupid to me.

Of course, this episode wasn’t all bad. We do get a nice moment between Velma and Scooby{even if she forgets it by next episode}. And I know some people had issues with the scene in Daphne’s bedroom. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that bad. I think her in her bikini was worse. And Closet Sheriff is hilarious.

Oh yeah, and there’s “SHE DIGS ME! SHE DIGS ME!”

Am I being too nitpicky about this episode? Probably. Unfortunately, I found it hard to look past some of the issues in this episode. 6/10.



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    Good review. I think my biggest problem with this episode is that for some reason the gang seems to think their really Orcs, which makes no sense since they haven't encountered real monsters yet in the continuity, so why would they believe this was real?

    And I agree about the motivation, that was kind of an underwhelming reason for this entire scheme.


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    Yeah Wild Brood and Dead Justice have been my least favorite episodes so far. Wasn't wild about the dragon wizard one but still haha


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    It wasn't my favorite, but I didn't mind Dead Justice that much. I thought the villian was cool.


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    Yeah Dead Justice was aweomse looking!


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    Nowhere else - NO WHERE ELSE in the entire cartoon universe, will you ever hear a long established female character say "Yeah, well sometimes I have a chick mustache". That single line from Velma would have sold me on the series if I weren't already hooked.

    Not the strongest episode obviously, but still some good touches.

    And yeah, the not getting "swordfish' seemed pretty thin, PARTICULARLY given the orc guys were the designer of a game system...called Swordfish.


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    Hello Jeffery Sargent, welcome!


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