SD:MI “The Dragon’s Secret” Airs Tonight

Episode 18: The Dragon’s Secret: When an exchange student named Mai Le comes to Crystal Cove, she draws the affection of Shaggy. A dinner party hosted by the Blake Family is interrupted by the Red Wizard warning to stay away from the Dragon’s Heart which he has sworn to protect at all cost. Later, Mai Le and the gang to come under attack by a White Wizard who is after Mai Le’s ring, and the Red Wizard comes to the gang’s rescue, but he is too late to save the ring. The Red Wizard turns out to be Mr. Chen, the owner of Chen’s Internet Cafe and Tea House. He reveals that with the White Wizard, now in possession of all four rings, is able to open the Jade Dragon’s Heart, which is a priceless ruby. Will the gang solve the mystery or is everything not as it seems?



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    I just watched Episode 25: Pawn of Shadow. Really freaky episode, I loved it. It's on youtube in pretty dodgy quality.


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    Very fast paced episode!
    And death and killing are a BIG theme.
    I loved it though.
    Can not wait for episode 26 next weekend, hopefully it's the best ep of the series! *shakes with anticipation*


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    check this out. it's a book published by Scholastic that I found on this bookstore's website that's based on the first episode.


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    That was an awesome episode, and surprising! And the Quest cameo was great.


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    I agree, was that meant to suggest that she stole the equipment?


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    My memory stinks so I could be wrong, but didn't she say it was given to her?
    But she was shown sneaking behind them snatching it so who knows.
    It wouldn't be the first time she lied or made something up.


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    Hey guys! I haven't been on here for awhile. But I just saw episode 25 and it was GREAT! Wow...I don't know how they're going to tie up all the loose ends (like Fred Jones Sr., Fred's missing mom, Brad & Judy, whether Mr. E really is bad, the Freak, etc.), but I'm sure they will. Or at least I hope they do...I don't know what I would do if it's a cliffhanger ending that reaches into season 2 (or "season 3" if we're going along w/ CN).
    In ep. 25...I freaked out when the Mystery Machine exploded.
    The violence and action sequences is definitely something new to Scooby Doo, but in this series it works and definitely makes things more exciting. And the Freak of Crystal Cove...creepy. He reminds me of a cross between the Joker and that evil ram-like monster from Pan's Labyrinth. Do you think he's real or fake? I feel like in this universe the monsters only look more far we've yet to see an actual monster, unless they're building up to that.


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    At this point the monster could be real or fake. In the fake argument you have the fact that it's only been 20 years since the last Mystery Inc encountered him so whoever is inside the suit would probably still be alive today. On the real factor you have to consider that this curse has existed for hundreds of years meaning that no one could live that long and still guard the treasure throwing the logical explanation out for the supernatural.

    In my opinion though I think it's fake, tone wise this show is pretty similar to the first series, its about debunking these ghost and ghouls and so I think that for now the writers probably want to stay true to that. In later seasons I'm betting real monsters will be encountered, but it would be wasteful to use the real monster factor this early in the game considering we're only in the first season.


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    Welcome back LilacScooby!

    Yeah I think its fake, it could be a mantle that has been passed down for generations of a family.
    Which family? I'm not quite sure yet.

    I hope they don't give us a cliffhanger, I say wrap it all up and deal with the consequences in season 2.


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    Agreed 🙂 so excited for the season finale!
    Hoping we see Fred's Mum and Mr E reveals himself to the gang. Maybe there can be like a reunite thing with the original mystery inc?


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    The original mystery inc reuniting? Is it weird that even though we don't know those characters very well that I would love to see that?


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