SD:MI “Attack of the Headless Horror” Airs Tonight

Episode 22: Attack of the Headless Horror: When Fred’s favorite adventurer, Dr. Rick Spartan, starts teaching biology at the Crystal Cove’s High School, the gang gets to meet him. Fred tells him that the gang has also been into some terrifying experiences, and Spartan immediately invites them to have dinner at his place, where he promises to show them his latest trophy, the cursed Shrunken Head of Squar Gringot. But when its headless body appears and threatens to pursue the professor until the end of his days for plundering its tomb, the gang must find a way to break the curse.



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    I wish they would have used that Aussie adventurer from WNSD instead. That would have been another cool way of mixing old continuity into the new continuity stream.


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    yer that would've been good


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    Yeah, Melbourne O'Riley... He would have been a great guest character, you know?


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    That was his name! For the life of me I couldn't remember it.
    Melbourne O'Riley, yeah that would have been a great addition to the SD:MI continuity.

    How cool would it be to see him and this new dude face off next season, though after the end of this ep I don't see that happening.


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