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    Looks really good.


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    hay any news about scooby doo legend of the phantosaur


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    ^Yes. :p


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    hey did Episode 19 air in Canada this weekend? I'm really eager to see it on youtube


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    HAPPY EASTER everybody!

    Have a great day!


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    Sneak Peek of Episode 19!


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    @Believe It So does that mean you won't come here spamming anymore?


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    OK, Believe It, I warned you enough. Posting your opinion is one thing. But insulting the people working on the show? That's going too far.


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    Here's the link to NightFright:


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    My god Believe It, you need to calm the hell down you little immature brat.


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    Just to inform you guys Mystery Incorporated action figures have hit stores:

    Their pretty similar to the old ones except they are based on the current redesign. It looks like their slightly more articulated as well.


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    Thanks for sharing strangely!

    There are a few differences, but my problem is: what is up with daph's face?
    Why is it so HUGE?


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    Thanks for posting that! I've been wanting to get that five pack for a while now, look likes it's time to do so.

    "but my problem is: what is up with daph’s face?
    Why is it so HUGE?:"

    She looks kinda pissed, lol.


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    I'd be pissed to if they made my face that much bigger then everybody else's. Hehehe

    I got the old set for christmas this past year as I didn't want to wait for a SD:MI set(to self) stupid stupid stupid!
    But it was only $10 so maybe not...


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    here's the link to episode 20 😀 http://www.youtube.com/user/PhoenixianGuy#p/u/4/w5uxD5F1HXk


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    What about that ending, i think i may be right about angel.


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    i didn't get the flim flam joke :\ and I think we all had a hunch about Angel Scooby-Doom 🙂


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    Yes we all had our hunches (I think I was the first one to post it, but as obvious as it was I'm guessing most people were already thinking it anyways), the important thing is that Believe it! was wrong.

    The Flim Flam and Scrappy joke was great, although it makes me wonder what happened in this continuity, after all in the original show they encountered real ghost and demons and Vincent Van Ghoul, but in this show they haven't met any real monsters yet and it was only just recently they met Van Ghoul meaning that history must have been rewritten to accommodate the set continuity of this incarnation (They were also older in that show too).


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    I think she is cass' kid. I get the feeling she will correct velma in the next ep.
    And if I'm wrong just remind me and I'll eat crow. 😉

    Well as I've said before, it is a reboot.
    And they have said they are picking and choosing what they use from the old stuff, so the continuity flubs don't bother me much.

    Loved the scrappy flim flam stuff, this is my new favorite ep!


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    I should clarify, I would like them to establish a continuity and let us know what has and what hasn't happened in relation to this show.

    Have the gang encountered real ghosts and monsters?
    That's the main question I have.

    And I think we should give SpiderScooby some credit, he was joking but, he kind of called with scrappy showing up. 😀


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    I would also like to see what's happened in relation to this continuity. Just out of speculation I'd say SDWAY, TSDS, and TNSDM are probably part of the continuity. And since they showed Flim Flam and Scrappy that means they were introduced, but not in a scenario matching 13 ghost or the Scrappy show (They just recently met Van Ghoul and have yet to encounter real ghost so that means that the events had to have played out differently than the previous shows did so they retconned those characters rolls in the universe).
    I hope they continue this continuity for a while, it's by far the best we've had in a while.


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    Well we have at least one more year of this show, 2 if they split season 2 into to parts, but I'm so happy with this show.

    Velma was annoying in 20 but it was funny so I didn't mind, did anybody else feel this way?


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    I actually enjoyed this new episode. I loved the Flim Flam and Scrappy joke. I mean, I wonder what happened that it was so bad that made Fred say that they would never speak about Scrappy again (could have been something similar to what happened in the first live-action movie?)

    As for Angel, I do think she is Cassidy. And I can't wait to watch the next episode to see that happening.


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    I think in the case of Angel there's no doubt, we have so many clues and Velma's already confronted her about it. It would be way too stupid to chicken out of a plot line at this point, and to have it be anything else wouldn't make sense. They've built this up to much to be anything else.


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    So of the people we have seen, do you think we have seen the whole original mystery inc?


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    This sums it up pretty well...



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    Well, we have Angel who's Cassidy, no doubt about it... then, we have Mr. E, who's probably Ricky (I'm just speculating here). Oh, of course, let's not forget that Fred's dad might be Brad.

    And of course, here's a ridiculous one, but what if the Sheriff was actually Ricky? DO you think it's possible somehow?


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    I'm not sure we've seen all of them yet. It's possible that Ricky and the sheriff could be one in the same, but their resemblance is very little (I was going to make a visual comparison like I did before, but the only picture of Ricky I have is at an odd angle and so it's hard to compare the two, perhaps later I'll search for a better reference shot). I think Ricky might be Mr. E. We have two confirmed members of MI and one potential member, meaning we have two members missing. Mr. E knows an awful lot about the old MI mysteries meaning that he'd have to be one of them to know so much.

    Also I don't think anyone resembling Judy has surfaced yet. I get the impression that Judy either died back then (Which would explain why her locket was found in such a dank place, perhaps she was killed there, and possibly her death could have caused the rest of Mystery Inc to break up and leave the mystery unsolved) or possibly she was Fred's mother (Brad and Judy had a love connection and if Brad is indeed Mayor Jones than that means the two of them could have had a life together, as well as Fred's mother is not present and I'm doubting the writers would randomly decide to omit her, so there must be some reasoning behind that choice). Her lack of presence does make me think she's probably dead. At this point though it's up in the air, it could go any number of ways.


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