Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery: Bonus Features & Merchandise Coming Soon

Amazon has posted the back cover art for Scooby-Doo! Wrestlemania Mystery. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray will have a “Behind the Scenes with Scooby & the WWE Gang” featurette and a bonus episode from A Pup Named Scooby-Doo “Wrestle Maniacs”. Also of note, Wrestlemania Mystery will be 82 minutes long, about twelve minutes longer than most of the DTV releases.

wwe_mystery_blu_back wwe_mystery_dvd_back

Mattel will also be releasing action figures based on Wrestlemania Mystery. Here;s a look at Scooby with John Cena and Sin Cara.

Scoobywwe_Cara Photographer David Chickering Stylist Alison Zukovsky



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    Presumably the recording sessions will include the main cast. I think that's what we actually want to see.

    They couldn't have gone all the way and included the WNSD episode, too? Maybe because the film's longer and the special feature.


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    Wow, that toy line looks really lazy. I mean I don't even think the wrestlers are made to look like the animation style that's used in the movie. I think the only compelling reason I could ever have to buy any of these is if they included an updated version of the gang. Unfortunately it looks like Scooby might be the only one included here (And he doesn't look overly new to me, other than maybe the face).

    82 minutes is impressive though, I'm hoping one day these DTV actually manage to hit the 90 minute mark.


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    wonder if this will get an early release via on-line streaming sources like the previous few have.

    quite excited for this, been a while since we got new scooby!


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    Check out the back cover of the Blu-ray. Does that mean that if I download the movie for my SmartPhone, the image will be cropped? LAME! I was really going to download it for my SmartPhone (yeah, I'm not the cool guy with the iPhone), but I think I need a special something, what's it called? Android?


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    No, what it means is that the photo editor was too lazy to turn the smartphone 90 degrees for the image to fit properly. As far as I can tell digital copies should play exactly the same on all devices. All the digital copies I've had in the past have the same aspect ratio regardless of the device.


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    That thought was also in my mind, but nevertheless, I don't have an Android, so I can't download the movie. I hope they bring it here in Greece, too (--> now waiting for my "For the Love of Snack" copy this Friday :D).


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