Scooby-Doo! Team Up #7 Review


Plot: The Scooby Gang is sent back in time to the stone age by Professor Einstone’s time machine. While the professor looks for a way to send Mystery Inc home, they are invited by The Flintstones and The Rubbles to the opera. But shortly after arriving, they are attacked by The Phantom of the Operock. Everyone runs, but the villain is easily thwarted thanks to a little help from Bam-Bam. Fred uses Gazoo to send Scooby & his pals home, but they wind up in the far future.


I really enjoyed this issue. Hanna-Barbera characters rarely ever get used these days outside of Scooby, so it’s nice to see them branching out a little. I also really liked the time travel aspect of this issue. Though it does leave me wondering, is it even possible to pull someone from the future like that? Wouldn’t you be the one doing the time traveling? Despite that, I feel like it makes perfect sense in the context of the story. It very much reminds me of the Flintstones/Jetsons crossover over from the 80’s.

The Phantom of the Operock angle was cool. It very much felt like a Flintstones version of a Scooby-Doo villian, right down to the villain’s motivation. Having Bam-Bam take out the villian I thought was great. Who needs a trap when you have a Strong Man around?

I was not expecting Gazoo to show up at the end, mainly because it seems like he’s the Scrappy-Doo of the Flintstones franchise. But it was a nice little touch. In fact, they did an excellent job at getting that world right. I haven’t watched the WWE crossover yet, but I have a feeling this is more faithful to The Flintstones than that.


Overall, a fantastic issue. It’s worth the read if you are a fan of The Flintstones as well as Scooby. 5/5.



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    The Flintstones franchise is still on television. Well, they just revived it with a WWE crossover.


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    Yeah, I don't know if you can really count that. I mdan, we have the WWE crossover and the upcoming theatrical film, but that's about it.


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    Surprise! Scooby-Doo Team-Up #11 has Secret Squirrel.


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