Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated: The Complete Season 1 On DVD!

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Good news for you SD:MI fans. Warners is releasing the entire first season in one 4-disc set on October 8th! Unfortunately, it looks like it will be DVD only, but I wll keep you updated if WB does indeed announce a Blu-ray version. In the meantime, enjoy this artwork.




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    This is a really surprising DVD release, since it isn't just a repackage. There were five DVDs for the previous DVD release of Season 1, while this release is only 4 DVDs.


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    That's great news! SDMI fans that did not buy the DVDs, it looks that you were right!


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    This is so cool!
    Sorry, this is really random. But I just thought, doesn't Baylor Hotner remind you of JC Chasez?


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    And they said there wasn't gunna be a complete season now we need season 2 and complete series and a season 3 of mystery inc.


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    Why can't we get any good cover art for these DVD's. I mean this is just average at best. Oh well, I still might buy it depending on price and features. I mean I would rather have it on blu-ray, but those odds aren't promising. I'll be hopeful though.


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    We're getting a complete first season which is unbelievable and great, but we still need a soundtrack for SDMI. Not to mention songs for every other TV series and film that hasn't been released yet.

    We should try and get La-La Records to release a soundtrack like they've done/are doing with Young Justice, Green Lantern: The Animated Series and ThunderCats. There are also soundtracks to The Legend of Korra and Tron: Uprising.

    We did get 52 episodes. Doesn't that count for something? And with all those music cues, songs, etc. I feel it's unjust not to get these released. I mean, not having these available in a soundtrack is another reason why I think it perhaps is being taken for granted. Yes we're getting DTVs, comics, specials that are getting released in a timely manner, but there are times that I don't think Scooby-Doo gets the merits it deserves.


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    the scooby doo network center has a download link for the new movie stage fright


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    Dose anyone have any news on scooby doo yet


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