Update 2: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Returns March 25th!

Good news everyone. The remaining episodes of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated will begin airing here in the US on March 25th. Series producer Mitch Watson posted this on ScoobyAddict’s facebook page.

“Hey all, Mitch Watson here from SCOOBY DOO: MYSTERY INCORPORATED. I wanted to let you all know that the last 11 episodes will finally start airing MARCH 25th on CN. They haven’t told us what time yet, but when I know I will post here. On behalf of the whole crew, our deepest thanks for being so patient. We think you’re really going to enjoy what we came up with to finish out the season and the 52 episode arc.”

Update: Tony Cervone has revealed the remaining SDMI episode titles on Twitter.

  • Aliens Among Us
  • The Horrible Herd
  • Dance Of The Undead
  • The Devouring
  • Stand And Deliver
  • The Man In The Mirror
  • Nightmare In Red
  • Dark Night Of The Hunters
  • Gates of Gloom
  • Through The Curtain
  • Come Undone

{Thanks to Pat for posting these episode titles}

Update 2: Tony Cervone has also confirmed that TWO episodes will air on March 25th!



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    List of SDMI episodes (acording to Tony Cervone):

    Chapter 42 Aliens Among Us
    Chapter 43 The Horrible Herd
    Chapter 44 Dance Of The Undead
    Chapter 45 The Devouring
    Chapter 46 Stand And Deliver
    Chapter 47 The Man In The Mirror
    Chapter 48 Nightmare In Red, Dark Night Of The Hunters
    Chapter 50 Gates of Gloom
    Chapter 51 Through The Curtain
    Chapter 52 Come Undone


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    I'm not sure if the grammar is exactly correct. I made this kind of mistake with season 1. "Nightmare In Red" could be right, but that's about it.


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    You can't imagine how I did when I saw the post! I started screaming and hitting my chest like a gorilla! Ask my sister, who thought I was insane! I'm out of breath, my sore throat hurts...
    Now, time to learn the new titles by heart, like the rest of the series!
    Guys, "Aliens Among Us" in Spanish!
    If anyone knows Spanish, please translate!


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    I just watched the pisode. Scooby doesn't seem to be frightened at all by Serra's threat and the aliens were pretty scary, but dumb. They had nothing to do with the Crystal Cove curse, Nibiru or something. But I can understand some Spanish words, like opinion, others, aliens etc. Sherrif Stone also mentions in a flashback Nitro Wisinski and is seen playing with a toy gun. Maybe he was pretending to be Dead Justice, whose show was on cable when he saw the aliens.


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    So, I found these in Scoobypedia:
    http://images.wikia.com/scoobydoo/images/7/71/Professor_Pericles_Culpirit_Season_2_Episode_17.png -> Pericles from the "Horrible Herd"
    http://images.wikia.com/scoobydoo/images/c/c4/Horrible_Herd_Monsters.png -> The Skull Cattle from "The Horrible Herd" I assume? Looks creppy cool!
    http://images.wikia.com/scoobydoo/images/9/9b/The_Horrible_Herd.png -> the episode title card.
    Look cool!


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    Scoob 16, where did you watch the video?


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    (in spanish)


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    Finally!! I've benn waiting forever for the last episodes!


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    ^Meant to put been, not benn


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    Already seen it, and right now I'm tranlasting it so someone can reupload it with English subtitles.

    It's not a bad episode, and the final scene really makes me wonder what else we're to expect. Plus, the gang finds another clue, althoughI don't know what it's for exactly.


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    Saw it there last night.

    I wonder if the "Dog dies" omen refers to Nova instead of Scooby.


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    It's possible... at this point of the game, anything is possible.


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