Update: Scooby Doo! Mystery Inc Not Returning On January 31st After All?

Well, I got some bad news for you all. Last week, Cartoon Network’s schedule showed that a new episode of Mystery Incorporated “Mystery Solvers Club State Finals” would be airing on Monday, January 31st. Now that doesn’t seem to be the case. CN now shows episode 10 “Howl of the Fright Hound” as airing in its place instead. I’m not sure why Cartoon Network decided to change it, but stayed tuned, and I’ll let you know when episode 14 will actually be airing.

Update: Well, I hate to bring you all some more bad news, but it looks like it could be awhile before we might see new episodes. ScoobyAddicts.com{which is a great site BTW} got a response from someone from WB who says that there isn’t a confirmed date yet but that new episodes are “likely to start again in late Spring”. So sorry guys, looks like we might have to wait a little longer before we see new episodes.



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    This is quite distressing.
    What's WRONG WITH YOU, Cartoon Network?! =(


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    This is horrible news, i saw someone leave a comment on tv.com saying that another episode was airing on the 31st and came straight to scoobyfan to see if it was true... so disappointed with cartoon network and there scheduling decisions. We've waited 3 months already, why should we have to wait any longer?! And give the audience a break here, we already had to wait a month for "howl of the fright hound." If this ep takes more than two weeks to air I don't know if I'm even going to bother watching this show anymore. Don't get me wrong I love it but since it aired we've had to sit and wait four months (all up) for new eps and this is a new show, they doesn't seem like smart decisions strategically speaking from cartoon network's end. Fingers crossed EP14 airs early or mid feb at latest.


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    /\ referring to my grammar mistake in comment above; didn't mean to write "they doesn't seem like..."

    meant to write "they don't seem like smart decisions..." I'm not really that stupid, just tired and losing focus easily lol, well thats what work does to you i suppose.


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    I agree. This ie extremely disappointing. I wonder why they changed it.


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    Yeah I wonder why they changed it too spiderscooby. I mean it's like what?.. A week away, the date was set, why couldn't they have just left the schedule as it was?! Not understanding cartoon network's logic here.


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    Well, we should know on Monday if it will be airing on the 7th or not{and hopefully they don't change that!}


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    Aww yeah true, monday we'll be able to see the schedule two weeks ahead, mmm definitely hope they don't change that, fingers crossed the 7th it is and the 7th it stays.


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    Unforentely, it looks like it won't be airing on the 7th either.


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    That's so terribly disappointing. Really not happy.


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    What about the Misery Stink DVD that is coming out? It says "4 All New Episodes". Are those episodes 14 through 17? If so, then I would imagine CN would want to sell the DVDs first before airing the episodes for mere advertising money. Believe it!

    If not, then CN is probably just airing old episodes to see if there is any re-run value in the series. From what I hear, Misery Stink didn't do too well among fans, and for good reason.

    But according to that guy, CN already signed for a season 2, which means they paid for it already. So maybe they're just saving it for a special time of the year. Remember, SDMI first aired at the end of July or something like that. Mayber they're waiting the full year.

    Or maybe season 2 isn't finished yet and CN wants to make sure it's all done before they start the next season up.


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    Everyone send email cartoon network at their comments section
    on their website and let them know we want our scooby tv. Who,
    knows, maybe its some kind of publicity/promotional gimmick as
    part of the curse of crystal cove


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    You can watch the episode at youtube. just search 'scooby doo mystery incorporated episode 14 mystery solvers club state finals' and it should bring you right to it


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    when will scooby-doo season 2 be aired because i really want to see it! Pleasse some body answery my queston!


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