Scooby Doo Coming To Netflix!

Back in January, it was announced that a bunch of Cartoon Network shows will be making their way to Netflix Streaming. It seems that Scooby will be part of that. According to the site StreamingSoon, season 1 of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated will be available on March 30th. No word on season two, but presumably since it hasn’t finished airing yet it will be added at a later date. Stay tuned for updates!



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    What is Netflix? I don't mind since I have Season 1 on DVD.


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    "Stand and Deliver" in Spanish. If anyone here is Spanish, please tell us what does Nova say in the end.


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    ^ I thought you were Spanish? Or are you Italian?


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    ^^ Who actually wants to know what she says anyway? I sure don't.


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    Actually I'm Greek. And I guess I have to wait until March 29th.


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    ^ Oh sorry. Thanks for reminding me.


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    You guys are so lucky I happen to know Spanish (I'm Portuguese by the way).

    Now, this isn't a fully detailed trnslation, but here go the basics, so from this point on, it's spoilers for those who haven't seen this new episode:


    Nova is not Nova, she is actally a being from an interdimension tat borrowed Nova's body so she could tell a message to Scooby. According to this being, she is part of a race called the Anunaki (I think it's spelled like this), who every 2000 years come to Earth, because both their world and ours are in a position which enables them to cross into ours.

    She says that every Anunaki is good, except for one which is the spirit that is incarcerated inside the crystal sarcophogus located beneath Crystal Cove. It says that this one must not be opened and that Scooby is the one who will have to make sure it stays that way.

    When he wakes up, Scooby tells the others that the buried treasure is evil, and that they must destroy it.


    I don't know about you, but I think that now things are going to get more serious.


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      What did she say


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    Thanks so much!


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    when the second part of sdmi comes out netflix will have the second season of sdmi


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