Review: SDMI: “Howl of the Fright Hound”

Before I get into my review of the episode, a couple things I wanted to mention. First I’ve added a new section to the image gallery which includes over 200 different covers from the various Scooby comics from over the years. Also, I should be posting my reviews of the first three Scooby Doo live action films later this week in anticipation of Scooby Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster.

After a short hiatus, Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated returns with another solid episode. A robotic dog is attacking Crystal Cove and framing Scooby for its crimes. Mystery Inc rush to clear Scooby’s name before the Fright Hound puts him down for good. The mystery in this episode is pretty decent and not as predictable as some of the other episodes. One of the improvements this new series has over previous series like What’s New Scooby Doo is that the villains have been consistently good. The Fright Hound is such cool villain, and a scary one at times too. 

Speaking of robotic dogs, there were many references to other movies in this episode, including X-men, Silience of the Lambs, Total Recall, etc.. There were several nods to both Terminator and Aliens. The end fight was very similar to both movies. My favvorite had to be the crazed Yogi Bear being hauled off at the end. I guess Ranger Smith got tired of all those stolen pic-i-nic baskets!

We finally meet a member of the original Mystery Incorporated, Professor Pericles, and man, this bird is creepy! It will be interesting to learn more about Pericles in future episodes. Does he have some kind of psychic powers? How did the guard get his hand duct taped to his stun gun? And what exactly does Fred have to do with the mystery of Crystal Cove?

And the parrot wasn’t the only creepy character. If I were Velma, I’d be extremely creeped out by that kid Jason too. Jason’s mother was a nice little plot twist{taken directly out of Friday the 13th}.

Scooby kicked so much butt in this episode! It’s nice to see another side of Scooby. He’s still the couwardly great dane, but he wasn’t afraid to give that dog a bone.

Shaggy and Velma breaking up: This was bound to happen eventually. IIt’s nice to see Shaggy standing up for himself for once. Both Velma and Scooby have been jerks about Shaggy{though he wasn’t exactly helping the situation either}. I will say, I am a supporter of the Shaggy/Velma relationship, and I do hope they get back together when they sort out their problems.

Overall, a really enjoyable episode, and I can’t wait to see where the mystery of Crystal Cove goes.



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    I still lol at crazed yogi. Glad you mentioned him I think some may have missed him.


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    Exactly. Where in the world did you find all of those covers? That gallery is just amazing! Do you know if any of those will be reprinted especially the pre-97 ones?


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    I found them mostly through Google Images and other comic related sites. As for the reprints, I honestly don't know. I know some of the older comics were released as a CD-ROM collection, but I haven't seen that in stores. You can read issue #1 of the 1997 comic on DC Comics' website though.

    Speaking of the Yogi cameo, I wonder what happened to Boo Boo, lol.


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    This episode was heaps good. Yogi bear made me laugh soo hard. One of my fave eps yet.


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    Foi provavelmente a coisa mais engraçada do episódio inteiro.²
    The comics are amazing! wanted to have them all!


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    ops, It was probably the funniest thing in the entire episode.²

    I got excited when speaking in Portuguese ...


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    Seeing how yogi looks i think the ranger may have had to take boo boo out old yeller style!


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    Also, take a look at the Youtube page. I've added some new videos.


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    I so wish that they would do graphic novel reprints of all of those old comics. I wish you hadn't posted those covers because I want those comics so bad now. I'd known that there had been some comics before 97 but how many is amazing. Someone needs to collect them all together in a big bad way.


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    Who's ready for a new episode of SCOOBY-DOOBY-DOO!


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    Did anyone notice about that Jason guy?
    his name is Jason Wyatt. Somehow his body size & last name resembles the Lead character designer "Derrick J. Wyatt"?


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    Man this show is great!! I was so dispointed with Shaggy & Scooby Get A Clue, I though the good old Scooby days were over, but wow Mystery Incorporated is one of the best yet since Scooby-Doo Where Are You !! I mean, really!! 😀 😀


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