Review: SD:MI Episode 14 “Mystery Solvers Club State Finals”

Another week. Another episode of Scooby. I was really looking forward to this episode. Scooby meets the Scooby clones done in the style of classic Scooby. Sounds like a great idea. And it paid off really well.

Now I have to confess, I’ve never watched any of the “Scooby Clones”. Kinda past my time, and I never saw them on Cartoon Network. That being said, Having these shows cross over was great. The interaction between the “sidekicks” was hilarious, especially Funky Phantom and Speed Buggy.

Funky Phantom being the villian was hilorious, though I’d imagine Funky Phantom fans are kinda pissed.

The animation looks just like old Scooby. They did a really good job capturing the look of the old series.

I do have a couple minor complaints. One being “Lord Infernicus” is a Ghost Rider knock off{though not a big deal since he’s a awasome villian}. Second: It would had been nice if the other members of the gangs to have a bigger role in the episode.

Oh yeah, how do you give CPR to a car???

Overall, a fantastic episode, and one the best episodes of the series yet. 9/10

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    I Loved the episode. These shows were well before my time also but I have watched them on boomarang, and from the episodes I've seen this was very faithful to those series.

    I agree wholeheartedly.


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    This was faithful to the "New Scooby-Doo Mysteries" series, which is one of my favorite series, but that was a different formula from Where Are You.

    Overall the episode was okay. It was goofy, but it was a dream after all.

    Decent Shaphne moments too. Shaggy and Daphne are the only ones who care about Scooby and think of him as a team member.


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