Review: Scooby-Doo issue 157 Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of Scooby Doom’s review of Scooby-Doo issue 157

Scooby-Doo issue 157 part 2

I don’t like the velmas monsters of the world features because they take away from the mysteries and that is what this comic is about. Sometimes there one page(like here) and sometimes a few more. They gist of what they are is velma tells us about some urban legend or world myth. This time its about a japanese witch called yama-uba that uses her hair to capture people to eat with her second mouth on the back of her head. Yeah. 2 out of 5. The arts not bad there’s just nothing to
really support it.

Wow its sad when a 6 page story is better then a 12 page one. Title:
The beat of the bayou beast.

ART: This story is drawn by fabio laguna whose art is really good but
I prefer jerald’s.

PLOT: This quick story by robbie busch is the highlight of the issue! The gang help a friend named gary fix up his restaurant after a hurricane. They finish for the day and he has made something to eat. They praise his food, especially his cornbread, when a swamp monster blasts through the roof and starts destroying all of their hard work. Fred jumps up and throws a metal serving tray at its head knocking it off the roof. All six run around back, no monster, and find a kid named samuel climbing out of the bushes rubbing his head. He says the monster attacked him and ran. So the gang and sam go into the swamp to look for the creature on a couple of air boats. The monster shows up and fred,daph,and scoob chase him off while sam,velma,and shag go where the monster came from. sam,velma,and shag find another restaurant. Sam and shag taste some cornbread that’s laying on a table, I know that’s just nasty,and sam tells us that its just like gary’s minus the secret ingredient. Scoob,daph,and fred come running through the door followed by the beast. He chases them in to the kitchen where they knock over some shelves which land on the beast pinning him to the floor. And they unmask him to find out its gary, no you silly geese its his twin brother larry who was jealous their mama left her secret recipes to gary. And he would have gotten away with it..aww you know the rest!
Really srong mystery. 4 out of 5.

Last and least another vmotw this time about griffin’s. Griffin’s are cool these mini’s how ever are not!
1 out of 5.

So the whole issue wasn’t bad, but it could have been a whole lot better.
3 out of 5.


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    Good review; I collect a few of the newer Scooby comics as well. And I have the Scooby Doo Classic Comics CD set that I got from in January; now I hope they release more old comics on CD, then maybe i'll buy those too.


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