Review: Scooby Doo! Camp Scare

The Movie: 4.5/5

In Scooby Doo! Camp Scare, The gang visits Fred’s old summer camp. But the place is being haunted by a ax-weilding baddie called the Woodsman. Can Scooby and the gang solve the mystery before the Woodsman destroys the camp for good.

After Scooby Doo! Abracadabra Doo, I was highly anticpating the next DTV Scooby movie. Thnakfully, Scooby Doo! Camp Scare is as every bit as good as Abracadabra Doo, if not better.  The script is tight. The story has a solid mystery. The Woodsman is a very cool villian, even though it was pretty pridictable who was under the mask. However, I never would’ve guessed who the “other” villian of the story was. That was a nice little twist. The animation  here, like Abracadabra Doo, is really well done. They even kept the same retro opening from the previous movie.

The music in Camp Scare I didn’t think was as good as Abracadabra Doo, but certainly not terrible by any means.

The DVD: 3.5/5

Scooby Doo! Camp Scare was released on DVD and as a DVD/Blu-Ray that for now is exclusive to Wal-mart. I was thinking the picture quality wouldn’t be great, but actually it is a pretty solid transfer. Let me say that it’s nice to finally see Warner Bros. release a Scooby movie in it’s proper Widescreen format{everything Scooby from 2003 onward was produced in Widescreen but mostly released in 4.3 Fullscreen}. It’s nice to see the bonus episode in HD also. The special features included on both the DVD and Blu-Ray are:  Scooby Doo: Campfire Stories, The first episode of Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated “Beware the Beast From Below”, and trailers for various other WB titles.  It’s great to see a bonus episode of a Scooby series other than Shaggy and Scooby Doo! Get A Clue!. My one major complaint though is that on the DVD version, WB decided not to include the Mystery Inc episode in it’s correct Widescreen aspect ratio for some odd reason. Thankfully they didn’t make this mistake on the Blu-Ray, but DVD owners are left out. Scooby Doo: Campfire Stories is a neat little feature, but not the type of extra that I am interested in personally.

Overall, Scooby Doo! Camp Scare is a solid Scooby adventure. I highly recommend this to Scooby fans. 4.5/5







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    Sorry for the poor quality on the Blu-Ray menus. It's the best I could do.


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    Great review. I thought it was just me with the music. But what I really love about this one and abracadabra-doo are the montages. To me they seem to be getting better.


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    These last two seem to have a more epic feel to, or is that just me?


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    Great Review! I've watched the movie, and is simply: Fantastic! I loved the mystery, one of the really villian already know who, but it surprised me the other! I found it better than abracadabra-doo!
    The DVD arrives on October 7 here in Brazil! : D


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    I'm surprised to see that they are releasing it on Blu-ray. That's great!


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