Review: Scooby Doo #157

Here’s a special review by Scooby-Doom of issue 157 of the Scooby comic.

Vincent deporter’s cover is astounding, as always, it features three well detailed zombies behind shag and scoob, who are dirtied up to
look undead, with five more behind the three in shadows. Shag says to
scoob “act natural scoob, like totally mellowed out” scoob

Now let me get this out there I’m a big zombie fan and a big scott
jeralds fan. This story called “the night of the undead!” Is scripted
by paul kupperberg with art by scott jeralds. This is a kids comic so
it’s short and to the point. At only twelve pages long it wouldn’t
hurt for it to be a little longer.

ART: somehow jeralds looks the same as the everybody else’s yet
different. This is one of a few books that, at least to me, still
looks to be hand drawn, which in this the digital age is becoming
rarer and rarer. His lines are thick so the characters don’t blend in
to the background like they do with so artists. Again this is a kids
comic so the art is done in a way that if you pay close attention you
can solve the mystery.

PLOT: it opens at night in a mall parking lot with a couple walking
toward a van. A car goes speeding by followed by two boys, who are
dressed like skate boarders with dog tags, running after it. One with
a video camera the other pointing at a shadowy figure at the other end
of the lot. The couple run up and the lady asks “what is it”. Camera
boy,let’s call him cb for short , cb says “whatever it is,
lady”…Next page… “It isn’t human” the other boy, let’s call him ob
for short, ob finishes to the gang. Ob then goes in to a short speech
about how a virus jumped from labrats to humans. Fred points out how
convenient it is these two have a camera when stuff goes down. Cb says
they just bought it and were testing it. Cb and ob say they’ll be
taping the investigation so there’s a record of what they know and
what they find out. They show the gang the 1st clue a picture from a
kid who went missing’s cell phone. Ob is stern I telling shag that
this isn’t a case of zombies, could of fooled me and vincent, but a
case of a actual disease, caused by a real virus! Cb says they
collected samples and sent them to the c.d.c. For testing. cut the
sheriffs office where ob reminds us there not zombies, AGAIN, and
strikes a dramatic pose, a la johnny bravo heyah. Then outside the
sheriffs office daph asks what else the 2 know and ob answers with the
infection is passed through a bite and mutates fast, you know I could
swear I’ve heard of these creatures before zimbes zambes oh well. A
not zombie runs up and bites a lady walking by and bamf instant not
zombie. Fred and ob jump in the mystery machine to chase the bitey one
and almost hit cb swerving to miss him as he ran out in front of the
MM. His excuse he needed footage. Bit more hijinx in this vein. Then
velma asks to see the tapes, back at hq they blatantly show the most
important clue on two screens in one panel then on thetop of the very
next page. Aye curumba. Daph gets a call from the “sheriff” about more
not zombies. They all run down the street to meet him. Velma pops out
and tells us all that ob and cb are film students who’s frat bros are
helping them to make a creature feature. She spotted the dog tags in
the stills how?

All in all a pretty good story.

The art is great just a wee bit to on the nose, by page three I had an
idea of who it was and by page ten you know it cb,ob or a friend.

So I give it overall 3 sd dog tags out of 5.


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