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    This would be part of the DC Cinematic Universe. After all, Scooby-Doo has met Batman. Also, Ghostbusters and Star Wars are already cinematic universes.


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    Poop yeah! Poop is a new expression I'm starting it means that you would want that more than anything! So as I was saying Poop yeah!. Pee yeah means ew that's disgusting, Fart yeah means Definitly no, balls yeah mean that's hilarious. Butt yeah means (Ok that one is just there because butt is hilarious! But butt butt


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    @Dr. Fred Welker, from your stupid comment; I can't help but assume that you're retarded.


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    This got off to a good start...


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    @Nathan A cinematic universe is when you have individual films from seperate franchises sharing the same universe. It is not simply one property with multiple sequels.


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    Oh of course yes. This was my childhood, my children's childhood, now my grandchildren's childhood, and hopefully my great grandchildren's childhood. Bottom line this franchise is the bomb


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    Yep this comment is in 2016

    Oh yeeh


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