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    I really loved the two movies thatw ere released, WrestleMania Mystery and Frankencreepy, they were both excellent.
    I predict that in 2015, Be Cool will turn out to be better than what we think, and we're gonna get two new 13 Spooky Tales set, hopefully both with a new special.


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    Frankencreepy was my favorite movie in 2014. It was different, but I actually think that was for the better. It's nice to see that over forty years later this franchise can still be different and new.

    As for 2015 I'm looking forward to Be Cool. I think it could be the APNSD of this generation. I don't think the animation will be as bad as everyone thinks. It'll probably be something everyone gets used to.

    I'm most looking forward to the Scooby Doo Lego sets. Supposedly they're to be released around May/June. Though I guess we'll find out more around toy fair.
    Here's the rumored set list: Mummy Museum Mystery (75900) Mystery Plane Adventures (75901) The Mystery Machine (75902) Haunted Lighthouse (75903) Mystery Mansion (75904)


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