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    I wouldn't necessarily like to see a sequel of a DTV, but I'd like to see a return of Bram, which was supposed to happen in Big Top, as rumours had it. I've seen the bad-boy-comes-back-to-win-the-girl-he-wanted thing more than once in shows, and it's kinda good, putting a character in a dilemma: trust him again or not?


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    Mask of the Blue Falcon, for sure. I would like to see the real Blue Falcon in a Scooby-Doo movie.


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    I think that stage fright would be a great one to have as equal too. Because right at the end the gang hinted at another mystery. I think they should make a movie about that.


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    Abracadabra Doo would be my choice. I love that movie's tone and Velma's sister Madelyn was one of my favourites.


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    Personally I can't think of any movies that deserve a sequel per Se since every movie after Abracadabra Doo is a sequel. They're all practically hour and a half long episodes. Though I would like to see Madelyn again.


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    Blue Falcon or Camp Scare!


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