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Now that we know the name of the next series, what do you think of “Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!”? Do you like that they’re taking a more comedic approach? Are there any elements from previous series you would like to see left out or brought back?


After the mostly fantastic Mystery Incorporated, it’s gonna be difficult to top that series for me personally. Be Cool being described as a comedic adventure series has me a bit worried. Not that I mind comedy being a main focus{it is Scooby-Doo after all}. But if it’s humor is like What’s New Scooby-Doo, I feel like I might get burnt out on it like I did with that series and its subsequent DTVs.



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    Hey any news on the new series yet


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    Well, it will sure be hard to top SDMI, but I wouldn't mind a comedic approach, although being a teenager, I preferred the darker version of Scooby.
    Anyway, I'd like to see some nice and catchy jokes SDMI-style - speciafically from Shaggy and Scooby - and it would be kinda neat if they brought back the chase scene songs, either new ones, or already existing, like in WNSD. But if they plan to write new songs, I'd like to see them in an album.


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    Wasn't the original series comedic in tone?


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    Yes, the original series was comedic, every series to date has been. However the amount and style of comedy is always different for each series. SDMI for instance decided to keep in spirit with the "horror for kids" theme that the creators of the original Scooby Doo had initially envisioned (But ultimately toned down in the final product). Because of the dark tone SDMI mostly used word play and snarkiness to create it's comedic moments, along with some satire and a light touch of slapstick. SDWAY on the other hand had a creepy, but relaxed tone, employing an even mix of wit and classic cartoon slapstick to make the show funny. Unfortunately all the early 2000 shows and movies employed an overly broad comedy style trying to cater to kids mostly, which unfortunately has left us with some rather dated and uninspired comedy.

    Really no show since the original has captured the comedy the same way, which is why I hope the next series creates both a spooky yet funny tone just as the original series did. But it's a hard mix to get right, SDMI went to creepy and not funny enough and WNSD went too funny but not creepy at all. Granted times have changed so you can't ever really get that magic back.

    As for chase scenes I am hoping they come back. However I prefer original songs created expressly for the show. WNSD had some great chase scenes, but ultimately they weren't as good as season two SDWAY, and I think lacking original songs is a part of it. With original songs they're catered to the scene, they hit the already existing tone. Taking existing songs and trying to fit them in can be a difficult challenge. APNSD managed to do it pretty well, but again they had original music.


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    Yeah, but presumably this will be the current humour that is purely to get the kids laughing with nonsenical gibberish because any humour with thought behind them these days is not allowed.


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    Unfortunately that's probably the case. But for now I'll just lie to myself that this will be the good type of comedy. Who knows, maybe they'll surprise us, I mean I didn't expect the last Scooby Doo incarnation to have a body count, but it did... Hopefully this show isn't that level of surprising though...


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    Hey I look on Wikipedia and it says something about Be Cool Scooby-Doo the new series will be a sequel to SDMI but i don't know yet


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    Comedy could be good...... I just hope it doesn't go down the route of most of CN'S shows these days.


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    And above all, I hope it will be good!


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