Question of the Week #6

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This week’s question is “Who do you think portrayed Shaggy the best?”. Is Casey Kasem still the best? Or has Mathew Lillard been hitting it out of the ballpark these past couple years? Personally, I still like Casey Kasem, even though he really sounded like he was playing a old Shaggy near the end.



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    I think Nick Palatas gave Shaggy his youth back. Matthew Lillard does a great job at voicing him but was too old for the live action movies. That's my opinion. But Casey Kasem will always be Shaggy.


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    I really like Nick and Matthew but Casey is the best, even when he started sounding older.


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    That is a joke!? Nick Palatas and the entire new cast just SUCKS. They doesn't even like Scooby. Casey is the best, the second best - Matthew. And the WORST: Scott Innes. I've never met anyone so arrogant. He thinks he IS Shaggy and Scooby, and he think he's the best voice actor, the biggest fan, the best version of Shaggy and Scooby, he sucks. And the sad thing about it is: he is in the best movies (Zombie Island, Alien Invaders . . .).


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    Oh! And... What is it!?


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    Whoa, I'm feeling kind of down from Ilma's negativity, but I'll try...

    I think the poll should exclude Casey Kasem, seeing as how he IS the voice of Shaggy. I'll probably always say he did the best.

    I voted for Lillard though, since he did a good Shaggy voice (though too high pitched most times) and looked the part.

    Palatas sounds decent, but he looks nothing like Shaggy. And while I don't think Innes was the worst Shaggy (that would go to the Get a Clue Shaggy) I don't think he's a good pick to voice over Shaggy. It sounds to me like he's throwing in a geeky sound when he voices Shaggy.


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    Casey Kasem was the best UP UNTIL the more recent WNSD-style DTVs - then, he sounded like Grampa Shaggy rather than Shaggy. Matthew Lillard I think is the best possible replacement they could have chosen to take over for Kasem, and he was the best live-action version of Shaggy I think anyone could find in Hollywood nowadays. Nick Palatas isn't all that bad; he's only a teenager, and he works well enough for the films he's in. Scott Innes, however, sounds like he's parodying how Casey Kasem sounded after coming off of the effects of helium. He's not terrible, but his voice grated on my nerves A LOT when I was little. When he was younger, Kasem was the best, but after he quit doing the voice after PNSD, Matt was the best replacement. At least, that's MY opinion.


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    Oh and Ilma, that SDMI dvd is the UK cover for volume one...


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    WHO is the liar!? Now go ahead, find my old post, catch the movie details and made a post about it. XOXO


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    1. I loved Casey Kasem's Shaggy, he's the classic.
    2. Matthew Lillard was good in the live action movies, but giving his voice to Shaggy in the cartoons was better.
    3. Nick Palatas. OK, he sounded like Shaggy, he acted like Shaggy, but he didn't really look like him.
    4. Scott Innes sounds like Kasem, he gave his voice in a few movies, talking toys and books and in games. He's good.
    5. Billy West, actually did Shaggy's voice only in "Scooby Doo on Zombie Island" and then gave his voice to Jimmy Praudwolf in the What's New episode "New Mexico, Old Monster". He did a better job there. However, his Shaggy wasn't that bad.
    6. Scott Menville wasn't good. He did Shaggy in Get a Clue nad then other characters from the Scooby Universe. In Get a Clue, he didn't use the words "like" or "zoinks" too much. He was better at voicing Luke from "Scooby Doo! Camp Scare" and young Ricky Owens from SDMI.


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