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    I saw Zombie Island as a total disappointment and the beginning of the end for Scooby-Doo. Cyber Chase I saw as the end of this style of Scooby-Doo where the gang is middle aged and still acting like kids. Alien Invaders was just plain dumb and uninteresting. Witch's Ghost is the only one that I somewhat liked, and that's mostly due to Shaggy's scene where he moves his "fat" up into his chest to make it look like muscle and slicks his hair back to say, "Like, hi girls" to the Hex Girls. It was funny, and Shaggy's character design looked really cool at that moment.


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    I personally liked all of them, mostly Alien Invaders.


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    I personally love all of them; it's close, but Zombie Island would be my favorite. There hasn't been one to come close to the first four in my opinion.


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    Despite a few plot holes Cyber Chase is my favorite. It was an interesting concept and it had some great musical chases.


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    I liked them all, but my favourite is the Witch's Ghost. It had an awesome story, great songs, amazing supporting characters (yeah, I'm talking Thorn, Dusk and Luna, xD).

    As for Zombie Island, I liked it because it was the first time that I saw Scooby and the gang going up against fake and real monsters.


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    I have a feeling this is the next series. Scooby doesn't look bad, and Shaggy is cute. I hope the rest of the gang will be good, especially Velma, she has been cute in youth pictures (APNSD).


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    It looks like the WB is attempting to create a Scooby line for a much younger audience. Probably a DTV series for pre-school audiences. I'm sort of surprised they hadn't done something like this before (Discounting the puppets used in the promotion of camp scare).

    I hope that the WB is already at work on the next animated series. I hate the long gaps we sometimes get between series.


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    HAUNTED HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not in great quality though.


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    Zombie Island!!!!


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