Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!


DVD Release Date: September 19, 2006
Runtime: 70 min

Director: Chuck Sheetz
Writers: Margaret M. Dean, Jed Elinoff, Scott Thomas

Frank Welker: Scooby-Doo / Fred
Casey Kasem: Shaggy
Mindy Cohn: Velma
Grey DeLisle: Daphne
Ron Perlman: Captain Skunkbeard / Biff Wellington
Freddy Rodríguez: Rupert Garcia
Tim Conway: Skip Jones
Edie McClurg: Peggy Jones / Sea Salt Sally
Kathy Najimy: Sunny St. Cloud
Arsenio Hall: Captain Crothers
Dan Castellaneta: Mr. Mysterio / Woodenleg Wally

Argh! It’s horror on the high seas when Scooby-Doo and the gang take a creepy cruise into one of the world’s most mysterious places – the legendary Bermuda Triangle! The gang finds spooks and scares at every corner – from alien sightings to terrifying Ghost Pirates that like to sink cruise ships with cannonballs. Things go from bad to worse when the Ghost Prates kidnap Fred’s parent, turning Fred’s mother into a pirate. If Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and the gang can’t solve this maritime mystery, they may have to walk the plank and become the Triangle’s next victim!