Moon Monster Madness Review


Plot: Mystery Inc. wins a trip to the moon on Sly Sta One, where a mysterious alien is Sabotaging the station.


I wasn’t looking forward to sitting down and watching Moon Monster Madness again for this review. Maybe it was my mood. Maybe it was that I watched it over a period of a few days. But this movie was just so forgettable. I mean, it takes a good fifteen to twenty minutes for the monster to appear, and it never really picks up from there. Even when the monster is finally caught and unmasked, it leads to an extended climax that just drags. It doesn’t help that none of the characters are that interesting. The only new character I like here is U-Boat, but that’s only because he has the best joke of the movie.


The humor is a big problem of this Moon Monster Madness, actually. Many of the jokes are used over and over again(Fred not pressing the speaker on his helmet). By the third or fourth time, they become more annoying than funny. And then there’s the thing with the android{non-android} telling jokes with those long awkward pauses. They’re just not funny. The cold opening with Daphne getting her driver’s license fell flat for me, even though it plays into the plot later on. Daphne and Velma’s little rivalry goes on for way too long as well.

The unmasking leads to an action packed climax where the gang has to escape the space station. But by this point I just don’t care enough to be invested in it.


It probably sounds like I hate Moon Monster Madness, but I don’t. There were just very few things I liked about it. The best moment of the movie is a bit where the gang are telling different versions of how they would stop an alien invasion. There are a few humorous scenes throughout, but as I said, most of them are overused.The alien itself is alright, but I was underwhelmed to be honest.


Is Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness worth a watch? More like a rental. It’s not terrible. But if you want a better sci-fi Scooby adventure, go watch Alien Invaders instead. 2/5.



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    Sorry you didn't like it. I for one was very pleased by it, because the last one was excruciating from start to finish (only little bits here and there were funny) and even more excruciating to cover for Scoobypedia. That opening every single time Daph introduced her website I hated it so very much. The music was also terrible, it was generic porn music. Not that I watch it, but you can just tell what porn music is without actually watching any.

    I found the last one very forgettable. Daph had to learn this big lesson in both, but this one was much more believable. She looked so easily swayed by Shannon, it seemed like she was friends with Velm because they're on the same team. But no, they're best friends because they're always there to support one another and not to be taken for granted. This was a good movie for Daph, because she was becoming a shallow bore in the last two.


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    I think the problem with Fred's helmet joke was that he randomly heard things, which may be possible, but it probably should've been either hearing all or not at all.


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    I probably would've liked it more if they cut back on some of the jokes. I do agree about Daphne though.


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    It was perfect for me


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    I agree completely.


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    glad I'm not alone on this, i really hated this movie, it was so awful from start to finish! I hope this isnt a taste of things to come..


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    That's a matter of perspective because I thought the last one was awful. You may not like the next one, but you may like the next one after. It's all about tastes and what you are able to enjoy.


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