Update: First Look at SDMI Episode 15 “The Wild Brood”

Looks like we have our first look at episode 15 of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc. There were rumors of new episodes airing in Canada earlier this month, but I couldn’t confirm that. It looks like it could be true after all. These certainly look real. EDIT: This episode is on a certain video site{that starts with Y and ends E}, in case anyone wants to watch it.



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    Whoa!! I had heard rumors about this episode on ToonZone, but I didn't think it was legit...now we've got some screenshots that make it look credible. Gah!! This looks pretty exciting!!
    Shaggy trying to get Scooby and Velma to make up?
    What's up w/ Daphne and the creeper green guy? Or the gang in her bedroom? Awkward...
    Also, these "Brood" green people definitely give me the creeps...villainous for sure.


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    WOW!! What a great ep, velma is almost tolerable in this ep.

    Closet sheriff, that's all I'm sayin'.

    @LilacScoob I had the same thoughts.


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    Hay spiderscooby any news scooby doo legend of the phantosaur


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    Heck yeah I want to watch it on y*****e. I'd rather watch it now AND prevent CN from getting any ratings for this God-awful series.

    Looks like TvTropes was right. This is a Warcraft ripoff. Man, can't these writers come up with anything original? There's also a Saw ripoff coming up in episode 17 I believe.


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    LOL Believe it, you really do not like this series, do you?


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    Regarding Legend of the Phantosaur, nothing new yet. Sorry.


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    I had no idea this episode was on YouTube. But it is as of today, thanks to the awesome, thejjiggaloo005. Watching it now. Super-amused. I can't wait for it to be on TV for real.


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    Yeah, I hate this version of Scooby-Doo. It's like a really bad parody of the show rather than a legitimate addition. Believe it!

    My God, just look at all the crap in this episode! Violence, attempted murder, gay jokes, Daphne in revealing lingerie showing her cleavage, shallow relationships? This is so far outside the realm of Scooby-Doo that it's sickening.

    Honestly, putting my negative view of this version aside (as well as the abomination known as Frephne), what do any of you see in this version of the show?


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    Relationships aside, I think this show has been able to capture the tone and spirt of the original series, something I think "What's New Scooby Doo" didn't get quite right{and don't get me wrong, I love WNSD}. And to be fair, this isn't the first time Scooby Doo has gone really dark. In Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, Shaggy and Scooby get attacked by a pirate with a bloody sword, then Fred pulls a guy's head off. And then they get attacked by cat creatures wanting to kill them.


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    I agree completely that this version has the right kind of background art and darkness to it (though the character designs are crap). However, that is the only thing this version captures of the original series.

    Every character is out-of-character except maybe Shaggy (and he gets REALLY OoC in episode 16). WB is also sexing Daphne and Velma up, which is not appropriate for kids.

    Zombie Island? A bloody sword? "Bloody" as in dripping with blood, or bloody as in the British curse word "bloody"? Cuz I don't remember any blood in ZI. Besides, there were swords in SDWAY (and guns). I'm not talking about weapons. I am talking about violence. The brawl in the bar at the beginning of the episode for example. That's not Scooby-Doo. Scooby-Doo is slap-stick, not violence.

    Darkness isn't the problem. Heck 13 Ghosts was the darkest of them all, and I really like that season. The problem is lack of storyline, mind rotting teenage drama, ruining the characters' personalities, an overarching plot that isn't going anywhere, convoluted "mysteries", bad/stupid and obscure pop culture references, and one bad example for kids after another. Take this one episode for example. Fighting, destruction of property, girls running off at night with gang members, cleavage, attempted murder, mocking law enforcement, homosexual references, and racial stereotypes (if you want to get technical).

    Worst incarnation of Scooby-Doo ever created! Believe it!

    ...and yes, I've seen Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue.


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    Well, I honestly think you're being much too harsh on it, but that's just my opinion. There's a whole lot worse out there kids could be watching than SDMI.


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    Thanks for your opinion, Believe It!
    You are very opinionated and I'm sure everyone has heard your rants by now. But there are a good portion of fans who DO appreciate the new series, with all of its flaws if you will, and it is our majority opinion that will be displayed by the results of the ratings for the show, once it returns to Cartoon Network in a few months.

    I agree with you that this new series is sexualizing the characters a bit more-- as was clearly displayed by this new episode 16: I was a bit shocked myself with the scene in Daphne's room with her wearing scandalous nighttime attire.

    That being said, I am willing to overlook it because I am a diehard Scooby-fan and I love the show. I appreciate that Warner Brothers is continuing it, and I would rather see new Scooby-Doo episodes in the future than see the franchise die off. In the early 90s, after "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" there was definite lack of Scooby. For the longest time, I couldn't find Scooby-Doo products or watch new episodes or anything. And then with the relaunch of Zombie Island, the series was revived and revitalized. I think every few decades or so, a series needs that kick or it will fade. Zombie Island was that kick for my generation of the 90s, and I feel that SD:MI is that relaunch for today's generation of kids, to keep them interested in Scooby-Doo as well.

    Just my humble opinion.


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    Yeah, that scene in Daphne's bedroom kinda surprised me too.


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    Yeah, where? On adult stations? The point is that this is a CARTOON. A cartoon is not supposed to have this kind of garbage in it UNLESS it's an adult cartoon like South Park where the garbage is actually a part of the joke or is used to make a valid point.

    Let me ask you this then. Exactly where is the "line in the sand" with you? Can Shaggy smoke weed, or is that over the line? Would Daphne dry humping Fred be too much, or would that just be adding to the freshness of the show?

    Also, which mysteries did you find the most fascinating and thought out? Was it the one with the old lady who uses bugs to get back at a bunch of CEOs (including her own husband) instead of simply report them for illegally dumping waste products into food, all the while doing commercials for the same company she detests? Or was it the one with the guy who spent thousands building a robotic crab outfit to ruin business for a beverage supplier who stole his formula instead of simply sue him in court? Or maybe it was the one with the college student who went around destroying property and trying to kill people with military technology all so his cuddly squid monster wouldn't be called fiction?

    Ohh! I know! It's the plot with Mr. E and the first Misery Stink gang that Scooby-Doo copied off of, isn't it? Isn't it just so awesome that Mr. E is so powerful that he can be anywhere and do anything and yet needs the current band of maladroit teens to help him? Isn't it also cool how he has to give them clues every step of the way? And isn't it even cooler how at the end of each episode this plot goes nowhere because the gang simply doesn't follow through on anything Mr. E gives them? Oh yes, what a great series this is.

    Or maybe you're not in it for the deep and complex mysteries. Maybe you like all the "jokes". So which one of those was your favorite? Was it when Fred says he just reads Traps Monthly for the articles, or was it the one where he says they can "out" Shaggy as one who picks a dog over a girl after they solve the mystery? Boy wasn't that hilarious when Velma forced Shaggy to stop eating the foods he likes, ditch his best friend, take her to prom, wear tight restricting pants, and snap his own arm with a rubber band whenever he said "like"? Ha ha ha ho ho ho, what a riot.

    Again, what do you like about this version? Background art? Yes, it is excellent. Everything else? STINKS!

    Also, I need to correct something. Shaggy's OoC episode is actually number 18 "The Dragons Secret", not 16 "Where Walks Aphrodite", which I'm sure is going to be another smut fest.


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    Sigh, really Believe It?

    Obviously they're not going to have Shaggy smoking pot or Fred humping Daphne. It's a kids show like you said. But there are far more violent and offensive cartoons on the air right now.

    In my opinion, it seems to me, Believe It, that you're just looking for excuses to bash SDMI at every turn. Here's an idea. Why don't you focus on something you DO like instead of bashing the one thing you don't like constaintly. I hate Shaggy and Scooby Doo! Get A Clue with a passion, I even take a pot shot at it every once in awhile. But I don't continue to bash it in every post I make. Believe it!


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    Thanks LilacScoob, I listen to and regard your opinion, and SpiderScooby's, but I have to point out some flaws in your argument.

    First, CN won't get ratings if 1. The show stinks. And 2. If the episodes air in Canada first and then get posted on Youtube. Remember, ratings work mainly on re-run power. That is, will fans want to watch these episodes again? I know I sure don't.

    Great, so we agree that this sex stuff has no place in the cartoon. That's good. But, the fact still remains that kids are going to see that, and parents are going to have to deal with the mess. I am mad that they are using Scooby-Doo to expose kids to that type of content.

    And with all due respect, I don't think die-hard Scooby fans can overlook that. Stuff like that is an insult to Will Hanna and Joe Barbera as well as Ruby and Spears.

    I would rather not see Scooby-Doo at all than see Scooby-Doo done wrong like this. I think all true fans feel this way too. WNSD was a decent series. That is what they should aim for if not the original format. Misery Stink on the other hand is a complete change. It isn't even Scooby-Doo anymore! It's like they made up storylines for an Adult Swim show and then put Scooby-Doo to those storylines. It's all screwed up. Believe it!

    Besides, if anything is going to kill off Scooby-Doo, it's going to be this version. Maybe "die-hard" is aposite, because this series will die hard if WB keeps this up.

    The way I see it, the old-school fans like myself can always go back to the original episodes in the absence of any new SD seasons. Also, kids will like those old versions too. Nothing needs to be changed to appeal to kids of today. And if it does, then it's time to just let Scooby-Doo end on a good note. A TV series is not supposed to last forever anyway. And, if you change a series so drastically, then does it really "continue"?

    I'm not saying they can't reboot the series either. Just, if they are, do it right. Don't create all this teenage garbage and inject it into a series where it doesn't belong.

    What they should do is make it more mystery based and have interesting crimes that the gang foils and problems that they all work together to solve. Show teamwork, show friendship. These are good qualities that kids are starving for.


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    But the thing is, Believe It, most fans, INCLUDING us original fans, agree this is the best Scooby show in years. If anything, SDMI is just going to help Scooby thrive. The reason Scooby has survived all these years is because it's been allowed to evolve. I'm not saying SDMI is perfect, it's not. But I'd rather have them try something new than have the same old-same-old{which I feel the DTVs from 2004 to 2009 were and WNSD kinda was}.


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    Obviously! Yeah sure.

    Nah they'll just hint at it like they did in the live action movies (another travesty). Fred in Daphne's body: "I can look at myself naked".

    *sigh* -_-

    Yeah and I asked where these violent and offensive cartoons are. Adult Swim? Comedy Central? That stuff airs at night and carries a M rating. Canada's rating for this episode was G for general audience! It didn't even recommend parental guidance!

    And the point is, don't ruin Scooby-Doo in order to show violence and sex.

    Well your opinion of me is wrong. I said time and time again that the artwork for the show is top notch. It is dark, it is spooky, it is detailed. I love it! The character designs? Pretty bad, but I can overlook that. It's the content (and lack thereof) that I hate.

    And better idea yet, why don't you answer my question to you? What do you like about this version? Just what the heck to you people see in it?

    Also, how did you like the part where the Leader Orc called Fred "Fredrick" and then Fred responded by saying, "It's Fred. Unless we're dating, then it's Freddie."?


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    Unlike CN's other shows, SDMI doesn't carry a TV PG rating. I don't see anyone on Scooby Doo getting stabbed in the back with a lightsaber. And let's not forget that oh so annoying "Adventure Time" show.

    How can my opinion of you be wrong if that's just what it is? A opinion, and not a fact. And really, you're just proving my point.

    You wanna know what I like about it, just check out some of my reviews. I know they're nothing special, but it's something.

    I do respect your opinion, Believe It, but I don't have to agree with it.


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    That's a bold statement considering that you don't know what most fans think. I'm an old-school Scooby fan, and I'm part of a forum of other Scooby fans both old and new. We all hate Misery Stink. And I'll tell you something else. Ya know what group of fans hates it more than even I do?

    The Shelma shippers.

    Yes, they waited all this time, clinging to the fragile hopes that Shaggy and Velma would get together and have a tender romance. Alas, WB has dashed their dreams all to pieces. To pieces I say!

    Same goes for the Velma fans in general. They feel that their character has been turned into a complete B-word, and of course they are 100% correct. I agree with them wholeheartedly.

    Then you've got the Daphne fans who really get the impression that Daphne is an airhead, what with joining a protest group at college even though she didn't know what they were protesting, or just simply wasting her time with the mental patient known as Fred.

    Then there's the fact that Scooby-Doo actually gets the least amount of screen time. Oh sure they threw him a bone (no pun intended) in episode 14.

    Then there's the fact that the older fans of the series, as in 37 years old and up, hate all the changes that have been made and how the show doesn't even resemble the original.

    SDMI? Help Scooby thrive? That remains to be seen.

    Allowed to evolve? What makes you say that? The live action movies were evolution to the letter, and those movies flopped. What's New Scooby-Doo on the other hand stuck to the original format and it went 3 seasons. Get a Clue was evolution, sometimes in the literal sense, and that show flopped.

    I know you're not saying SDMI is perfect, but I do think you're looking at it through rose tinted glasses for the most part.

    Okay, but how much is "too new"? When, in your mind, does a new version of Scooby-Doo cease to be Scooby-Doo? Is it when the mysteries make no sense? Is it when the characters are mocked and put down? Is it when the relationships are painfully obvious?

    ... Is it when Scooby-Doo turns his back on Shaggy?

    The old style IS Scooby-Doo. Besides, they don't have to copy most of the original series. They can still make things new and fresh but stick to the format of the show. They can write new jokes. They can write new skits and slap-stick. Oh wait, no they can't because the WB writers have no talent. They can't even write their own song.

    Oh yes, "Trap of Love" was plagiarized. Did you know that?

    Also, let me ask you this...

    Do you think it would be within the realm of Scooby-Doo to have an episode where a person dies? Yes or no?


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    SDMI doesn’t carry a TV PG rating? All the worse. Parents should be advised, especially if Daphne is going to become fetish fuel.

    Adventure Time is total mind rot, I fully agree that kids should not be exposed to it. Same with Chowder.

    Your opinion is wrong because it does not fit the facts. I am not trying to find every little bad thing about Misery Stink that I can. In fact, I would love nothing more than to log on here and discuss how wonderful the new show is and how Scooby-Doo is back and better than ever, but sadly that is not the case, and as I said I do admire the background artwork and the atmosphere of this incarnation. I also like the guest star cameos. Cass Elliot, Don Knotts, the various good characters that were in episode 14, etc.

    Oh jeez, you can't even type a few lines out stating what you liked? Heck, I just did and I hate the show!

    *sigh* So where can I find your reviews?

    Didn't say you had to agree with me. I just appreciate the discussion. Also I am interested to know your answers to my questions. Please respond to them.


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    And which forum would that be, Believe It? Because the forums I visit{and trust me, I visit a lot}, The reaction seems to be mostly positive. The show has been obviously doing well in the ratings, or WB/CN wouldn't have ordered a second season.

    Yes, they've turned Velma into a annoying bleep, that's one of the things I don't like about the show{see, we agree on something!}

    And the first Scooby Doo movie made $153 million on a $84M budget. The second one didn't do so well, but it still made $84M. Obviously, they did well enough to warrent TWO direct to DVD prequels. I would hardly call that a flop.

    Please, enligten us where the “Trap of Love” song came from.

    People dieing in Scooby Doo? That's a long shot, but it's not like it's haven't been implied before{going back to Zombie Island and Witch's Ghost}/


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    I like the darker, creepier tone this series has. The fact that they've finally given a Scooby Doo show a over arching plot,. All the "easter eggs" and throwbacks for the fans{Creeper FTW!}. I like the humor{well, most of it anyway}. I think the Sheriff is hilarious. I actaully like Velma and Shaggy having a relationship, but I don't like the way they've handled it. Those are some of the thing I like about the show.

    Things I don't like: Velma, too much drama sometimes, Velma, The whole "Shaggy cheating on Scooby" thing{which is completely stupid}. I think there were a few episodes that had a weak mystery{for example, the second episode}. Oh, and did I mention Velma?

    How's that?

    My opinion doesn't fit the facts? I'm not trying to be mean here. Just quite frankly, Believe It, it seems like every time you post here, you just have something negitve to say about "Misery Stink". Just sayn'.


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    P.S Here's a couple of my reviews.



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    I will reply tomorrow. For now I must retire.

    To be continued...


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    The forums would be numerous YT threads (usually SD videos of the H-B era), two of the Scooby-Doo forums over at fanfiction(dot)net, and quite a few comments at TvTropes.

    And the reactions you see are mostly positive? So what percentage roughly then? 90%-10%? 60%-40%? What?

    From what I've read, CN didn't order a second season unless episodes 14 through 26 are the second season. The interview I read stated the agreement was for another 13 episodes. I assumed that meant season 2, but that was in fact episode 14 through 26, which is why it has taken 6 months for new episodes to air.

    Besides, how do you know the ratings are any good? Do you have a source?

    Actually I don't really care what they do to Velma. She was never one of my favorite characters. I just don't want the writers pairing her with Shaggy and dragging him down.

    Same with Fred. They can make him a doofus for all I care. It just irritates me that my third favorite character, Daphne, is so hung up on him when he clearly isn't a suitable match (and never was).

    And before you say it, NO I don't care about a Shaggy+Daphne pairing in this series. In fact I would rather they not date because 1. Shaggy and Daphne dated in the later seasons and SDMI takes place after SDWAY and probably before NSD-Movies in this new non-canon timeline, and 2. WB would probably screw up Shaphne as they've done everything else.

    $69M is not that good of a return. $84M on the second after how much being spent? Also, those returns are from world-wide releases, not just America.

    Trap of Love:

    Stole most of the beats and even some of the words from this song:

    Please also note that Lacuna Coil isn't really my type of music. I just happened to stumble across a video that used that song as background music. At first I though, hey, it's Trap of Love, then I was like... wait a minute!

    And I actually liked Trap of Love when I first saw it. I thought it would show that Daphne was giving up on Fred. Alas, I was let down. Then I come to find out that WB's writers stole it from an actual group. Pathetic.

    Zombie Island told a story of people long ago. So it wasn't like the deaths were current. Besides, WG's death was of an actual witch, and her spirit lived on sealed inside the Chest of De... uh, I mean a book of black magic.

    Well anyway, if you would like to see an actual death take place in the (non-canon) Scooby-Doo series, then you'll love episode 17 of Misery Stink.

    Okay now for the meat and potatoes...

    Yes I like the dark tone as well, but really, WNSD had that too in certain instances. Though that was more light and cheery.

    They've FINALLY given SD an overarching plot? As in, this is the first time? Well actually the first time was The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo. However, even before Misery Stink there was Get a Clue where Shaggy lived in his uncle's mansion with Scooby and they went around foiling the plots of some German sounding dude.

    All what Easter Eggs? You mean like Cass Elliot and Don Knotts? Or Pebbles and Bam-Bam? Okay, that's all very nice and all, but eh... come on. That's visual tribute. It isn't actually a part of the storyline.

    The flashback to the Creeper episode left out the little chick that thought Scooby was his parent. Also, didn't Alice May flashback to when her "father" was arrested and she was just a toddler? How did that make sense?

    Look, references to prior events are great, but to be honest, SDMI screws that up too. They break the continuity.

    By way of for instance, in "Foul Play in Funland" Shaggy is digging up clams and Daphne is helping him gather them together *wink wink*, then Scooby tosses one into the bucket. Shaggy jokes about how Scooby's a "clam-dog" (rather than bird-dog). Then Scooby does something interesting. He says "Clams! YUCK!". Then Daphne says, "Shaggy, you know Scooby doesn't like clams".

    So what's the point in bringing this up you ask? Well in the Man-Crap episode (that's right I said it) we see Scooby ordering a double whatever scoop of CLAM flavored ice cream.

    And while I'm on the subject of this episode... the part with Daphne eating shrimp and then turning around to show her face full of puss oozing zits? Absolutely infuriating! I think that is when I really started to hate this show. The first few was like... "huh, this is different" and "uhhh... what the heck did they do to the characters?". But this episode really did it for me.

    Anyway, another example, in "The Spooky Space Kook", Fred gets caught on a hook. He tells the girls to look for a switch that will get him down. Daphne asks what the switch would look like (a reasonable question). Fred gets fed up with Daphne and says, "Velma, surely YOU can figure it out". Showing that he dismisses Daphne as useless and instead trusts Velma's smarts to know what the switch would look like. But Velma responds saying that mechanics isn't her cup of tea.

    Well now that's very interesting considering how handy Velma is when it comes to motorcycles in Misery's Stink "The Wild Brood" episode.

    So yeah, continuity broken. In fact it isn't even consistent with ITSELF! In episode 2 Daphne's mother says she can't go outside when it's dark, yet in episode 12 she attends NIGHT classes at the university. Wha-da-ya-know.

    And you like the humor you say? Would that be the adult oriented humor by any chance?

    Sheriff Stone isn't bad as a character, but he's basically a mockery to law enforcement officials. If he weren't a figure of authority I would like his character. I don't hate him, but I think he's a bad example, as are most of the adults in this show.

    I hate Shelma, but especially this version. I mean, it wasn't really official in SDWAY, but they did have moments where they got along or worked well together.

    How's that? It's a good start. Yeah Velma doesn't get along with Scooby at all, and Scooby recognized that fact, which is why Shaggy dumped her. He doesn't want a girl that is going to make him change or abandon his best friend. By the way, do you know what girl gets along great with Scooby in this show and the past versions?


    Just sayin'. 😀

    Cool, I can reply to your reviews in their own threads. I'll do that some other time.


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    Most comments I've seen have been about 85% positive. I've seen some very nasty comments about the show, but I've also seen many praise it as the best Scooby series since the original{even from people who are not fans of Scooby Doo}.

    A second season has been confirmed several times. By the showrunners at Comic Con, and by Mathew Lillard in a interview. Most recently, one of the writers confirmed that it is indeed coming back for a second season{see here: http://scoobyfan.net/?p=870 }. And both seasons ARE indeed 26 episodes, just like a lot of CN's shows. If you want further proof, just look at the season pass on itunes. It is the normal price for a 26 episode season. If Season 1 was only 13 episodes, it would be alot cheaper.

    How do you know it hasn't been doing well in the ratings? CN must be confindent in the show if they ordered another season.

    Not to mention the fact that we have no idea why CN decided to delay the show. All of it has been speculation so far{unless you know something we don't}. It could be any number of reasons.

    I don't mind Fred+Daphne. I don't want to see Daphne+Shaggy either. I never really saw them as a couple IMO.

    Where are you getting $69M from? And the numbers I listed was for the domestic gross, not international.

    I've never heard of Lacuna Coil, so...

    So what their deaths were not current? Why does that matter? We saw a flashback where people were pretty much killed by gators. I'd say that's pretty dark for a Scooby Doo cartoon.

    I know 13 Ghosts was the first, but I don't really count it because most episodes stood on their own. There seems to be a little more effort in SDMI. Oh yeah, I don't count that crap that was Get A Clue.

    There's a little more than just a few cameos here and there. And I never said it was part of the storyline.

    That is a plothole. To be fair, Scooby has never done well with continuity.

    Example: WSND contradicts Zombie Island/Witch's Ghost since the gang doesn't believe in real monsters in that series{well, there was that sea reef creature in that one episode, but other than that...}. And there's also the fact that the Hex Girls show up.

    And in some series, Scooby likes bones{see the very first episode of Scooby Doo} whereas in Witch's Ghost he doesn't like them, so SDMI is not the only one to screw up like that.

    Who said anything about the adult oriented humor?

    Mockery to law enforcement? Really? You do realize this is a cartoon right? No, the parents on this show are not good role models, but it has made for some humorous moments, which I believe was the intention.

    I will agree with you aout Velma. And that's my problem with the whole Shelma thing. Why would Shaggy need to ignore Scooby to be Velma's boyfriend? It's just really stupid. I've always liked Velma whereas in here she's just a annoying jerk.


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    according to wikipedia episodes 15-18 have aired on teletoon. anyone have links for those?..


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    Just to point out to "Believe it!" that song was obviously a parody or homage, so they no more stole it than Weird Al does with any of his songs. Secondly the Alice May flashback was done on purpose obviously, the writers wanted to throw the audience a clue about the obvious lie and they did so rather well.


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    I have a link to episode 16 "Where Walks Aphrodite": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0


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    That was very funny...five years ago!


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    I wonder if they have a link of scooby doo mystery incorporated episode 16 Where walks aprodite


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    Lol, I think CN already beat you to the punch a couple Thanksgivings ago, Believe It.


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    Well for me it's the opposite. 85% hate it or dislike it.


    "...I’ve also seen many praise it as the best Scooby series since the original{even from people who are not fans of Scooby Doo}."

    And that doesn't tell you something? Of course non-fans will like it, because it's not Scooby-Doo. It's a really bad parody that mocks Scooby-Doo.

    It reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89zbYxGDUjU

    In fact that one is better since no one tried to pass it off as a legitimate installment to the series (which SDMI is NOT in my opinion).

    "A second season has been confirmed several times."

    Okay, well I looked into it and that's right I'm wrong. The first season is 26 episodes and a second season is in production because according to one of the "writers" CN ordered a second season. So, I was a retard regarding that issue. My bad.

    "How do you know it hasn’t been doing well in the ratings? CN must be confindent in the show if they ordered another season."

    Usually when a broadcaster stops the run at six or so episodes and starts re-running the show, it means they are having trouble with it. So they re-run it either to generate more advertising revenue from the same shows to make up for the lack in ratings in the first run, OR they are testing the re-run power of the series. In other words they want to see if people will like it enough to watch it again.

    So when they stopped at six or seven or whatever it was and started re-runs I got the impression that the show was in trouble. Maybe it was. Maybe they got complaints from viewers and started re-running to see if viewers would keep watching or even contact them asking for new episodes.

    They did this again (and it's where we are now) when they hit episode 13. Again, this usually indicates that the show is lagging in the ratings. So they re-run to make up for the ratings the played shows didn't get, at the same time not revealing their new episodes which would theoretically act as a hook to bring people back.

    So then why did they order a second season? Maybe the re-run ratings are good enough to cover the investment. As long as they make money on it they'll order it, regardless of how many people hate it. Besides, it's not like they have anything else to run in it's place.

    So just because they want a second season doesn't mean it's a good show or that a lot of people like it. That only means enough people will watch it to satisfy the advertisers.

    "It could be any number of reasons."

    Well I only see two reasons. The one I mentioned, and then the only other one I can think of is that they needed more time before the next episodes air to work in new features and quests in the Crystal Cove Online game.

    I hate Fred+Daphne, but I can tolerate it on two conditions. 1. It takes place between the beginning (or even a little earlier than) SDWAY and the end of (or even a little later past) NSD-Movies. That is the window in which Fred and Daphne dated. They clearly had broken up by the time SDS (or the Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour) took place.

    Condition number 2. Any feeling or sentiment they show for each other is consistent with the original series. In other words, none of this childish crush BS, or one-sided relationship, or one trying to make the other jealous, or one not returning the other's feelings, or one looking at other prospects. Let them rise and fall on their own merits and characteristics. Also, either make them a pair or give it a rest. No more of this going out but not quite dating crap.

    I don’t want to see Shaggy+Daphne because: 1. They weren't a couple until the New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show or possibly some unseen time period right before that taking place after The Scooby & Scrappy Puppy Hour. However, I do want to see some Shaphne! That is, instances where they show that they are alike, enjoy the same things, think the same way, say the same things, and show concern for each other and save each other from danger/capture. That all happened in the H-B seasons, but SDMI has almost NO Shaphne whatsoever. I can actually count the Shaphne instances on one hand. 1. She held onto his clothes when he posed as a Fruitmeir waitress. 2. Shaggy (and Scooby) liked her (plagiarized) song and danced to it. 3. Daphne shows love and encouragement for Scooby when he's sick and feels like he's just a lowly team mascot. Shaggy tries to make Scooby feel better with chicken soup. So they both love Scooby (which also suggests that Scooby wouldn't mind the two of them being together since they are both his friends). 4. In this episode when Daphne asks "...it's nice that we can spend some time together all alone, isn't it?" Shaggy is the one who says "Huh-huh, yeah it is...".

    That's pretty much it, and I'm sure all that was just accidental on the part of the "writers" just like all other Shaphne in the WB version.

    "I never really saw them as a couple IMO."

    I thought you said you saw 13GSD.

    I got $69M from subtracting their budget. But if you weren't including their foreign gross then what they made isn't bad. But that's only because people expected it to be a good movie since it had Scooby in the title. The true test came in the form of the sequel, which didn't do well. So I admit the first did okay, it wasn't a flop, but the second was and I think a lot of that is due to people being let down by the first.

    "I’ve never heard of Lacuna Coil, so..."

    So that negates the fact that the "writers" ripped-off the song? Oh, okay. -_-

    "So what their deaths were not current? Why does that matter?"

    Because the deaths were presented as taking place in a time long past. We hear about it take place in a time when nothing could be done to stop it. In episode 17 it takes place in the present, DURING a mystery.

    Most 13GSD episodes stood on their own? Are you sure you watched that series? Most episodes had two or more storylines going on. In the 2nd episode they actually went after one of the 13 Ghosts, and ended up having to help a sleeping princess and find a magic wand before the ghost did. Then even after they caught him they had to remove the curse that he had placed on Daphne and the princess. In the 3rd episode the Chest is stolen from them, and it's a matter of getting it back before a sorceress can destroy it. So they go there only to find out that she doesn't have it. Then they get captured, then they escape, then they find the Chest, then they stall her until the sun rises and destroys her. In the 4th the gang is lured to Marrakesh by one of the 13 Ghosts and it sets a trap for them. It even manages to capture Shaggy, Daphne, and Scooby until Daphne is able to get them out and then they capture the ghost. In the 5th they think they're all sitting down to watch a movie marathon when they are attacked BY one of the 13 Ghosts! Then the focus turns to just getting out, but when the ghost goes in to stop them it turns back to capturing the ghost. In the 6th they only want to take a vacation to give Scooby a break from all the stress (a plot that is revisited later on in the series). It turns out to be a trap and the ghosts they did catch get released then recaptured after much effort. In the 7th it starts with the gang going to a convention to support VanGhoul in accepting his award. Then it turns to helping VanGhoul avoid having his powers drained by one of the 13 Ghosts. The 8th is more about stopping a trio of maladroit witches from using a magic book to create havoc. VanGhoul on the other hand investigates the demon they're after. In the 11th their main goal is to cure VanGhoul of his petrification.

    And so on. Clearly 13GSD had many different storylines going on in one series, while still having an overarching storyline of capturing all of the 13 Ghosts as well as any others that were evil.

    A little more effort in SDMI? To do what? Ignore the overarching storyline? Mr. E only pops in now and then to drop a hint, then he's gone again. Then he tells them to solver the main mystery and even gives them all the info in a "super chest of info" and what happens? They don't look through it, in fact that info isn't even seen or referenced in following episodes! Oh and, "follow the parrot"? Okay, so are they doing that? Where is the parrot anyway? Flown the coop! (Ha ha! Get it Scoob?)

    Beware those close to you, especially you Fredrick. Okay, and what does that mean? Have we heard anything else about this? No.

    They bring up this Mr. E stuff only for a moment and then in the next they go right back to their nonsensical BS! SDMI isn't presenting any kind of consistent storyline.

    In fact, according my source this whole Mr. E thing ends up contradicting itself! Yeah, and guess what else. It happens in the next episode too, number 16! Mr. E says follow the parrot, and then the parrot does something, and then Mr. E basically says (without giving anything away) oh you shouldn't have followed that parrot.

    "Oh yeah, I don’t count that crap that was Get A Clue."

    Good to hear it. I don't count that crap known as "Misery Stink-corpse-low-rated".

    Maybe Scooby didn't do well with continuity, but it never contradicted itself or other parts of the series like SDMI has (and will).

    "Example: WSND contradicts Zombie Island/Witch’s Ghost"

    Uh... I think ZI's storyline was that they did but it always turned out to be someone in a mask.

    Besides, WB's versions take place in different timelines. In other words, alternate realities.

    "Who said anything about the adult oriented humor?"

    I did. Do you find any of that funny? In any case, do you think that's appropriate for Scooby-Doo?

    Yeah I realize this is a cartoon. Police and adults shouldn't be mocked or made to look dumb. That's a bad influence on kids.

    Glad we agree on Velma. Apparently the "writers" don't. That interview I linked to shows that one of the lead "writers" thinks Velma is really smart and that Shaggy is just a really immature boy who isn't up to speed with her.

    Now when you have a "writer" who thinks that way, how can you possibly believe that anything he "writes" (steals) will be any good or make any sense?

    "Just to point out to "Believe it!" that song was obviously a parody or homage, so they no more stole it than Weird Al does with any of his songs."

    [lex]WRONG!!![/lex] Weird Al is able to do that because of something called "right to parody", and that requires that he change either almost all of the lyrics or the entirety of the melody. SDMI copied the beats, sounds, and even some of the words. They stole it right out of the song.

    "Secondly the Alice May flashback was done on purpose obviously, the writers wanted to throw the audience a clue about the obvious lie and they did so rather well."

    By making her a toddler? No. The "writers" wanted the audience to think that she was doing this out of revenge. Only later was it revealed that she had a hidden agenda. Showing her as a toddler invokes "cold logic", where the viewer sees what is presented as a glaring error.


  35. //

    "Well for me it’s the opposite. 85% hate it or dislike it."

    Really? Because I was looking at the comments for this episode on Youtube, and the only negative comments I saw were either comning from you or were being aimed at you.

    In fact, I'm starting to wonder how many of these so called negative opinions you keep bringing up are coming from you. You don't like the show, good for you. You're always welcome to post your opinion. But does that mean you should spam every Scooby related forum bashing SDMI and anyone who likes it? {please tell me you were being sarcastic with that comment on Youtube about your opinion being "scientific fact"}

    And I don't see any negativity in that link.

    "And that doesn’t tell you something? Of course non-fans will like it, because it’s not Scooby-Doo. It’s a really bad parody that mocks Scooby-Doo."

    Uuh..no. Probably because some people actually think it's a good show.

    "Usually when a broadcaster stops the run at six or so episodes and starts re-running the show, it means they are having trouble with it. So they re-run it either to generate more advertising revenue from the same shows to make up for the lack in ratings in the first run, OR they are testing the re-run power of the series. In other words they want to see if people will like it enough to watch it again."

    Not always. For example, USA and Sci Fi{I refuse to call it by it's "new" name} sometimes split their seasons into two seperate blocks. Sci Fi used to air 10 episodes of Stargate SG1 in the winter and 10 episodes in the summer. This was for one entire season. Also, back in Season 4, Psych took a four or five month break in the middle of the season. And that show is obviously not having "problems" since it's already coming back for a sixth season{and possibly even more}.

    "They did this again (and it’s where we are now) when they hit episode 13. Again, this usually indicates that the show is lagging in the ratings. So they re-run to make up for the ratings the played shows didn’t get, at the same time not revealing their new episodes which would theoretically act as a hook to bring people back."

    Or maybe they were just taking a break like most TV shows do.

    In fact, it's possible that the very reason they delayed it was so they could air it along with the new Looney Tunes show{which is pretty much what they're doing}.

    "So just because they want a second season doesn’t mean it’s a good show or that a lot of people like it. That only means enough people will watch it to satisfy the advertisers."

    No, you're right. Quanity of viewers doesn't equal quality. Good shows get low ratings and get cancelled all the time{Terminator and SGU, I barely knew you}. But SDMI doesn't seem to be one of those cases.

    "Well I only see two reasons."

    See above.

    Well, like I said, I never saw Daphne and Shaggy as a couple, but that's just me.

    "I thought you said you saw 13GSD."

    I have. But again, they never seemed to be together to me at least.

    "So I admit the first did okay, it wasn’t a flop, but the second was and I think a lot of that is due to people being let down by the first.'

    Perhaps. There are alot of people who loathe that movie. But keep in mind that like five different movies were opening that weekend, so it didn't have much a chance. Even Mathew Lillard admitted it was a bad weekend to release it{see here: http://www.movieweb.com/news/matthew-lillard-says-no-scooby-doo-3 }

    "So that negates the fact that the “writers” ripped-off the song?"

    Yeah...I never said that.

    "Because the deaths were presented as taking place in a time long past. We hear about it take place in a time when nothing could be done to stop it."

    So? It's still death nonetheless.

    "Most 13GSD episodes stood on their own? Are you sure you watched that series?"

    What I meant was, you can watch any episode and not be lost.

    "Beware those close to you, especially you Fredrick. Okay, and what does that mean? Have we heard anything else about this? No."

    No, but maybe soon. They're not gonna reveal all the secrets in the middle of the season.

    "In fact, according my source this whole Mr. E thing ends up contradicting itself!"

    Your source, eh? Who's your source? Your gonna have to provide a little more proof than that.

    And let's leave out the spoilers for future episodes for the people who haven't seen them yet.

    “Misery Stink-corpse-low-rated"

    OK, I LOL'd. Got any more funny names?

    "Maybe Scooby didn’t do well with continuity, but it never contradicted itself or other parts of the series like SDMI has (and will)."

    Really? Because from some of the examples you've brought up, it's pretty much the same thing.

    "Besides, WB’s versions take place in different timelines. In other words, alternate realities."

    Exactly. So why can't SDMI fit into that? Why must it be bound by what has come before it? After all, a good spin off stays faithful to the original while being it's own entity{which in "my" opinion, SDMI does just fine}

    "I did. Do you find any of that funny? In any case, do you think that’s appropriate for Scooby-Doo?"

    Depends, it's not like they're making full on sex jokes{yea, that scene with Daphne in her underwear was a bit much}. Most of the so called "adult oriented" humor most likely goes over kids heads.

    "Yeah I realize this is a cartoon. Police and adults shouldn’t be mocked or made to look dumb. That’s a bad influence on kids."

    Or you could just enjoy it for what it is? Besides the only person I see complaning about that is you.

    "Now when you have a “writer” who thinks that way, how can you possibly believe that anything he “writes” (steals) will be any good or make any sense?"

    Good writers can write crap. After all, they're only human.


  36. //

    Dose scooby doo mystery incorporated episode 15 the wild brood comse on to night


  37. //

    Wow. too lazy to respond to all of this, but about the songs, I don't really see it. I listened to Heaven's A Lie before the series, but when I heard Trap of Love, it didn't come to mind. After looking back and comparing the two, I still wouldn't call it plaigerism. The lyrics are actually not very similar except for the "set me free" and melody rarely matches up. IT's not like songs aren't allowed to have the same chords or anything. The songs are very similar, in terms of feel and instrumentation, but that's about as far as it goes. If you look at it with a narrow mind, you might think "same song." But that's just like my dad looking at all pop music and saying "same song." It may have a similar feel, but nothing mentionable.


  38. //

    I thought so. Wikipedia says it but I went on both TVguide and CN websites and neither show it ?


  39. //

    @Ross and Mysteriousink, sadly SDMI isn't back until may 3rd.
    SpiderScooby has this posted 2 posts down from this one.


  40. //

    @SpiderScooby, Bite your tongue sir!


  41. //

    Regarding SDMI's ratings, I have doubts that was the reason for the delay. SDMI was doing really well. Some highlights:

    "SCOOBY-DOO! MYSTERY, INC. (Monday, 7 p.m.) began the night by posting 86% delivery gains among kids 2-11 (1,003,000), 55% gains among kids 6-11 (611,000),52% gains among boys 2-11 (619,000), and 40% gains among boys 6-11 (396,000)."

    "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc
    - 1.285 million viewers"

    "The evening kicked off with SCOOBY-DOO! MYSTERY INC. (7 p.m.), which earned solide double-digit gains across all kids demos. Kids 6-11 delivery (758,000) grew by 75%, kids 2-11 delivery (1,320,00) grew by 79%, kids 9-14 delivery (499,000) grew by 70%, boys 6-11 delivery (525,000) grew by 59%, boys 2-11 delivery (884,000) grew by 85% and boys 9-14 delivery (314,000) grew by 78%."


  42. //


    Well then you didn't look very well. There are three others besides me who take issue with that episode. Then if you go to various other videos of old-school episodes you'll see tons of comments saying how great it is to see the originals not the new SDMI crap.

    Of course I am NOT including my own comments in the 85%. Come on.

    Also, I don't bash those who like it. I just challenge them on it, that's all. And no I was serious business when I said my opinion is always right and that's a scientific fact. I can prove it too. Believe it!

    You don't see any negative comments in the link I posted? Well that just goes to show that you have blinders on, except when it comes to me that is.

    Right, they think it's a good show even though they aren't Scooby-Doo fans. They are not Scooby-Doo fans, and they think it's a good show. That ought to tell you that it's not genuine Scooby-Doo. They like how the show makes fun of the characters. That's it.

    SyFy aired it that way because they were looking to stretch the series out while a new one was made. If they had blown all their episodes by showing one a week, they would have to go back to reruns while a new season was made. By stretching things out they allowed new episodes to air while a new season was already close to completion. Don't forget, it takes a lot longer to make a live TV show than it does a cartoon. Case in point, SDMI. They showed 13 of the 26 episodes and they are already making season 2. That leaves them plenty of time to complete season 2 before CN needs to show a new episode again. In fact, at this rate they could complete season 2 before episode 26 even airs!

    A break? For six months?

    So you saw 13GSD but they never seemed like they were together to you? So the "lingering embrace" as it's come to be known that happened in the first episode, that wasn't a hint? How about the fact that they live in the same house together? Ringing any bells? What about them sleeping in the same bed? Well, you probably missed that. You almost have to be looking for that to see it. But what about the first two examples?

    Mathew Lillard had to say that. WB writes his checks, so of course he's going to defend the movie.

    Those were deaths that happened long before the present and nothing could be done to stop them from happening. That's different from a death that happens in the current time frame. I won't say why the death occurs or because of whom, but I will say that it too is far outside the Scooby-Doo formula and not something young kids should watch. Also, according to my source, that episode plagiarizes a certain gore/horror movie series.

    "What I meant was, you can watch any episode and not be lost."

    Hmm, well that is a switch from SDMI, where you can watch EVERY episode and STILL be lost! Wha ho ho ho ho ho!!!

    But seriously, 13GSD had multiple storylines going on and it always referenced the Demon Chest or the 13 Ghosts, so you knew the overarching storyline. SDMI on the other hand sometimes completely skips references to Mr E. Even when he helps them they don't always stay on track in looking up the history of Crystal Cover or trying to discover what happened to the Mystery Inc that the current gang plagiarized from. So there's no continuation of the overarching storyline in SDMI from one episode to the next. They don't even refer back to previous clues as a recap.

    By the way, according to my source, the end result of season 1 is predictable and stale. It's been done before. Just like every other storyline that the Misery Stink "writers" regurgitate.

    I have been very careful not to spoil anything.

    "OK, I LOL’d. Got any more funny names?"

    Believe it! In fact, if episode 16 is as smutty as I'm suspecting it will be, or if they keep it up with all the sexualization of the characters, then I'll have yet another name to call this series. But I will hold onto that one for now. See there? I'm being fair to this show.

    It can't be the case with SDMI because SDMI presents itself as a sequel to SDWAY. You can't present something as a sequel and then have it contradict the thing it's supposed to be a sequel to!

    I'm not saying it can't be it's own entity, SDMI is! The show presents itself as a sequel to SDWAY, therefore it must be bound to it. By that I mean it cannot contradict it

    Not making full on sex jokes eh? So when Fred said that Daphne's mom's skin is tighter than his ascot? What was that? How about when Velma threatened to tell the whole school that Shaggy picked a dog over a girl and Fred said they can "out" Shaggy later?

    Now maybe kids will miss that, or maybe they won't, but what about teens? They know what all that means. And even if they were to miss all that, do you really think that kind of stuff should be a part of Scooby-Doo?

    Good writers could write crap, but crappy writers always write crap.

    Now as for the ratings you posted. First of all, zap2it uses the Neilson ratings system, which is horribly flawed. They send out logs to like 25,000 people in America. Then from the data they get back from them, they estimate the real number of people watching by averaging out how many in the 25,000 watched whatever show. So 25,000 is a crappy sampling size to begin with, plus you can't be sure that the average of that sample size will be anywhere close to the real number of viewers.

    That said, let's use your numbers. The ratings may not have been the reason for the delay (though I think it is), still the show is doing far from well. SDMI got 1,003,000. That was beat by that horrible mind rot of a cartoon called Adventure Time, which got 1,298,000!

    I don't know where you got "1.285 million viewers" from. In any case you should take into consideration that there are 330,000,000 citizens in the U.S. Divide your number by the population and that percentage doesn't even register as 1%! It's 0.389%!

    But again those numbers are distorted to begin with. If you're going to use anything you must go by cable box or dish numbers, that is what each household's cable box or dish picks up as well as any DVRs. That gives you an accurate number of households, but not number of people watching. Still, it's better than Neilson.

    Oh by the way, I heard Sponge Bob Square Pants won the Kid's Choice Awards over Scooby-Doo. 😉


  43. //

    @believe it
    The good news: Luckily for you SpiderScooby is nice, the bad news: I'm not!

    You don't bash those who like it? It sure seems like it.
    This is all subjective, you don't like it? Fine, good for you, don't come on here and trash the show and everybody who likes it.

    Your opinion is scientific fact? You really are a blow hard jack...well you get the point.

    Oooo, let me try saying something then rewording it.
    You need to get a life and quit spamming sites! Get a life and quit spamming sites.
    Hmm, that was fun! I see why you do it!

    The show is bringing in fans so that means its not really scooby? I'll lose sleep over wondering if your right or not.

    You just proved SS's point about them taking a break.

    When my aunt was a kid she and her brother and sisters had to share beds.
    Does that mean they were dating?
    Only in your warpped mind.

    Your lost watching SDMI? Well I guess you have to be smarter then the show your watching.

    If you have so many sources why don't you go start your own site and leave this one alone? It was fine until you got here.

    So if someone takes cues and inspiration from somewhere else its "plagiarism" or "regurgitated"?
    So by that "logic", and I use the term loosely when talking about you, every comic writer is regurgitating the writers that came before, Or any writer for that matter? I think not.

    And yes spongebob did beat scoob. What is that supposed to mean?

    Oh, and SD:MI is a reboot, not a sequel.


  44. //

    OK, I can see this is getting out of hand....

    "Well then you didn’t look very well. There are three others besides me who take issue with that episode. Then if you go to various other videos of old-school episodes you’ll see tons of comments saying how great it is to see the originals not the new SDMI crap."

    Actaully, I read every single comment on there. And the only negative comments were from you. In fact I went on another Scooby Doo related video and saw the EXACT same thing.

    "Also, I don’t bash those who like it. I just challenge them on it, that’s all.

    Well, no offense, but that's exactly what you're doing. Every chance you get on here you put down SD:MI and then call other people out for liking it. Seems like the exact same thing on Youtube.

    "And no I was serious business when I said my opinion is always right and that’s a scientific fact. I can prove it too. Believe it!"

    And with that ignorant statement....

    I'm going to close the comments on this post for now. Your opinion is welcome here, Believe It, but this is getting ridiculous. It seems to me that you're just looking for excuses to put down SD:MI and call out anyone for liking it. Now I try to be nice, but that type of behavior is not welcomed here. This is just a warning, but next time I may not be so nice. Believe it!


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