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    According to bluray.com, Where's My Mummy?, Abracadabra-Doo and Goblin King are the next to be released on Blu-Ray.


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    Velma: I think that guy over there is watching us.
    Fred: *whispered* He looks high.
    Shag and Scoob: Say what now, which one?


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    "Scooby Doo! Stage Fright" Trailer!!!!!!!!!


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    "The Man in the Mirror" in Spanish.
    Plot: Fred looks in a mirror and is kidnapped inside it by his own reflection!


    While inside the mirror, Fred sees a destroyed Crystal Cove and with Mr. Trapples and an old daphne sets out to solve the mystery. It turns out though that Fake Fred was Brad Chiles and old Daphne was Judy Reeves after Pericles made them get a make-over. In the end, Pericles returns with his Kriegstoppabots and gets Daphne to threaten Fred to give him the complete disc, and so he does. Something tells me that the disc is a fake.


    Please, can someone translate what Pericles says in the end? Thanks.

    Oh, and Stage Fright will be out on DVD fall 2013, possibly October, cause the book-and-then-movie thing happened with Big Top as well.


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    Just wached and let me just say it that I was qite pleased ith the episde. Scoob16, sorry to tell you this, but I don't think that Planespheric Disc was a fake... they usally don't use the same twist in a seris twice, so tha was most likely the real one.

    Still I have to say that they gave away the culprits too soon. The idea of Crystal Cove in a post-apocalyptic world was actually awesome and very unique.

    Plus, we find out that Pericles is clearly omething more than he looks... that would explain why he's more than 85 years old.

    5 episodes to go... anythinmg can happen... by the say, am I the only one who wants to see Marcy once more, maybe in the final episode, along with a few more characters to help Scooby and the gang?


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    Maybe I missed something, but why hasn't anyone destroyed the disc pieces yet?

    For the caption:

    Everyone: Internet???


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