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    Guys, you won't believe this! A YouTube user had uploaded full episodes from "The New Scooby Doo Mysteries", "The New Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show", "Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics", "Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo" and "Shaggy & Scooby Doo Get A Clue!"! I was watchung the opening of "Almost Ghists" (S&SDGAC), but when I returned to the previous page in order to give you the links, WB had just deleted them! Oh, man! At least "The Spirited Spooked Sports Show" and "The Haunted Showboat" from TNSDM are still on, I'm gonna watch thme right now.
    In the meantime, check these out:
    1. http://www.customaniacs.org/forum/CM_show_preview.php?attachmentid=733244
    2. http://www.customaniacs.org/forum/CM_show_preview.php?attachmentid=733251
    3. http://www.customaniacs.org/forum/CM_show_preview.php?attachmentid=733232
    4. http://www.customaniacs.org/forum/CM_show_preview.php?attachmentid=733236


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    "The Horrible Herd" in Spanish. It turns out it wasn't ar anch, but the farm Scooby was sent to when Crybaby Clown attacked Crystal Cove. Gotta watch it right now.


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    Having watched the episode, I think Nova is still alive. Tony Cervone has confirmed she's important in the series. What do you think? From what I (think) I understood, Pericles wanted the skull cattle herd to destroy Crystal Cove and find the cursed treasure. Can't wait to watch the new episode, "Dance of the Undead", I've read that The Hex Girls will appear in that one. I still don't understand why they have aired them first in Spain. Anyway, TeleToon is airing "Aliens Among Us" tomorrow, but I don't exactly know the time. Sorry.


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    Also, Brad and Judy seem to obey Pericles and they even shoot the helicopter their only son was in! Sheriff Stone and Mayor Nettles kiss each other, and Mr. E is trying to sermonise Pericles and cares more about the gang. That explains why he told him "You're out of control, Professor Pericles!" in "The Devouring".


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    Could Nova be the dog that dies?


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    I don't think so. Scooby was the one who saw the message, and Friar Serra was pointing at him. But I see Scooby is calm. He gets serious in "The Devouring", possibly about something he learnt in "Dance of the Undead".


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    http://scoobydoo.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Chat on Scoobypedia is now officially open on a trial run. So you can talk live about Scooby-Doo or anything else you wish to.


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    I'll be honest, I really loved this new episode. It just shows us that Pericles is comletely out of control, and I do beliee Mr. E is starting to see that allyin himel with that bird again, could have been a mistake plus,we find out that Pericles really is a murderer... he states that he killed Ed Machine, because he was on his way).

    Brad and Judy will most likely get killed in the end, it's just my opinion. As for Nova, I don't know what her paret is going to be on the next epiodes, but something tells me that it has to do with what happes to Scoby on "The Devouring".

    I really hope the Hex Girls make a second appearence, because let's face it, they rock and it would be so much fun to see them help the gang solving another mystery, and who knows, anoter part of the Crystal Cove curse mystery.

    By the way, is it me, or Shaggy and Velma are finally getting back together? It's jsut I gotthisfeling when watching the episode, andI don't know if it's my imagination or not... What do you think?


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    ^ I'm sorry to say, but I found it hard to read some of that. No, they're not getting back together. This has been confirmed.


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    Mayor: Arr! look sheriff, it's a monster!
    Sheriff Stone: Really Mayor, really?


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