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    Batman: Boy Wonder, weren't we wearing tights just a few seconds ago?
    Robin: Holy pants thief right in front of us!


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    Yeah, yeah, you captured the Joker. Nice job, but dude, where are your pants?


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    Batman: Now if we could just find our tights...
    Robin: We can be on our way.
    Professor Flakey: They're corner in the over - I mean they're over in the corner.


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    Professor Flakey: It was weird enough that your boy companion dresses that way, now you're just taking this too far! Put on some pants! Both of you!


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    Proffeser Flaket : What happened to your pants? Batman : Oh underwear suits us better plus I need to go to the bathroom so don't look


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    LOL on the double! I'm not writing anything cause I don't have a very good sense of humour...


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    Professor Flakley: Would you two mind telling me why your hats, i mean pants are missing?
    Robin: Holy pants, Batman, our pants have been pant napped!
    Batman: If you say pants one more time i swear i'll kill you


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    Batman:*clears throat
    *more silence and avoiding eye contact.
    (Repeat scene for a solid 3 minutes)


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